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Happy New Year! As we get ready to transition into second semester, it’s time to make some New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not talking about eating healthier or getting more exercise – I’m talking graphic design! Take a few minutes to reflect on the work you created first semester. What are some things you are doing really well in this class? What are some things you are struggling with? Finally, please include a link with your post to a design which explores a topic you’re passionate about. Be honest and specific. But make sure you’re ready to keep these New Year’s Resolutions.    – A

  1. Garrett Oneail says:

    I am doing very well when it comes to turning my work in on time, finished as a well-done final product. I do my best to make my designs creative and unique in some way, yet keep them simple and effective. I guess the only thing I’m struggling with is staying on task, and doing well when it comes to sketching. I’m easily distracted. I’m not consistent when it comes to sketching multiple drawings for a project.
    Here’s an awesome design that I like.
    The reason why I like this design is because I have an interest of being a type of marine biologist who does graphic designs of ocean life and makes a living out of it. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Guy Harvey.

  2. raven mason says:

    Some things I am doing well is attendence and staying on task. Things that I am struggling with is making my designs unified and well balanced.

  3. Corina says:

    The thing I did really well during first semester is being able to open up and express myself in my work. I would have to say the one thing I struggled with was time management and also staying on task and not get distracted.

    I love the idea of birds especially for tattoos because it has a special meaning of freedom to me.

  4. Omar says:

    Some things that I am doing really well in this class is focusing, getting my work/projects done, and helping my classmates out. I always get my work done early and having time to find ways to make it better. I always include my own style and my own “taste” into the work I do. I cannot think of anything that I am really struggling with right now.


    The reason why I am really passionate about this image and this company in general is because the way they do their work and their style is really eye-catching and professional. This post in specific jumps out to me because of how it relates to soccer. I have these cleats now partly because of when I found this it made me want to buy them. This was their first work that caught my eye and now can’t wait to see more of what they do.

  5. Kephra says:

    I kept trying on projects or work was pretty good. Even when things weren’t ever going as planned, I still did the best I could with what I had. Some projects were just a wreck through and through but I did the best of my capability. Even if no one else saw that way, I knew for myself that I was trying.

    I didn’t manage my time well enough even though I worked bell-to-bell every day. I took too long trying to figure small things out, which only made my designs complicated and hurt me in the end. So this semester my goal is to try to balance things out better so I don’t drown in my own work.

    I’m passionate about illustrating and I want to get better at it over time and this class helps me get to know the program and tools to use Adobe and create work. Gloria is currently my favorite illustartor and I want to be able to do and create what she does.

  6. Sarah says:

    During the first semester of Digital Graphic Design I did really good on my time management if I felt I was falling behind other I take it to myself to work at home to make sure I got everything done on time. I had pretty good bell to bell effort some days I was super focused and other a little less I is still something I can work on but I did pretty good in my effort. One of the things I need to work on is my process. I normally didn’t try new things or new concepts and I wouldn’t take many risk with my work. Sometimes I would even settle for a design just so I didn’t have to take any risk. All in all, I was average with my work no over good designs but no horrible designs either.

  7. Tony says:

    Some aspects of my projects that I have done really well are giving some good quality to my sketches, working well in class, and collaborating with others well. Some aspects I can improve are increasing the amount of time I spend on work outside of class, continuing to manage my time the way that I am right now, and using more of my free time to come up with good ideas because some of the best ideas happen outside of class. I have improved the grades I have gotten on projects from an average of an 80% on project to anywhere between an 88% and 92%. I chose this because I am a big fan of both basketball and football. Brandon Hubschman, the designer of these logos, designed several combinations of NFL and NBA logos, featuring both of my favorite teams, the Detroit Pistons and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  8. Syd says:

    Some things that I believe I’m doing really well in this class include: I’m opening up really well and becoming less shy about my abilities and my ideas. I’m also getting better with time management and my work ethic.

    I would say that I need to improve my creativity and technical work. I need to focus more and put more effort into concepts to make them perfect.

    I’m very passionate about creativity and pushing the boundaries of expectation and throwing away the dull repetition of how things usually are done.

  9. David Main says:

    Some things that I do really well in this class are remaining focused and having initiative. I turned in all of my work on time and would constantly come in to class during my free time to get work done. Also, towards the end of the second semester, I think I did a good job of adding variety to my final designs. I became much more open to trying new things, and because of that, my designs improved. Some things that I’m struggling with in this class are making a variety of good ideas and collaborating. Although I did a good job of adding variety to my final designs, I don’t think the same could be said for my sketches. I focused too much on one design, narrowing my options. As for collaboration, I mostly struggled with starting productive conversations. If I started a conversation, I did well, but I was too shy or nervous to start a conversation a lot of the time.

    Here’s a link to some Greek Mythology logos designed by Zach Tyler. I’ve read quite a few of Rick Riordan’s books (Rick Riordan is the author of the Percy jackson books) and absolutely love Mythology.

  10. kayla says:

    Some things in this class that i am doing well on in this class is time management and communication. I manage my time so i can get all my projects done and turned in on time. i am good at communication by helping my classmates out and asking for suggestions/ help. something that i am struggling with right now would probably be coming up with the concept of my design.,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNFaB_el5EA4a0zNx3Dau9lsALOtyQ&ust=1485005551182088&cad=rjt

    The reason why I’m so passionate about this design is that its not only about my favorite song artist but it uses design elements effectively. His hair is made up of typography which i enjoy and it makes the piece look visually interesting.

  11. Jessica says:

    Some things that I’ve been doing well in this class are drawing and using balance and unity. I struggle with time management and sparking ideas sometimes. I am very passionate about fashion design. is a website that had some good designs on google; however, I could not open the site, nor could I see other websites with fashion design.

  12. Alex says:

    In the first semester my strong point was keeping most things well made as in sharp or clean. On the other side, my weakness was to explain what my design was made for. People couldn’t see what the whole point of the design was.

    I choose this design because it relates with what I do. As well it inspires me to continue being clean and well executed. At the same time, it still tells the story on why it was made.

  13. Hunter says:

    This year I have found that I’m doing a great job with my time management and collaboration. I get everything done by the expected due date with no problems and sometimes even have time left over to work on new things. I am proud that I am independently managing my time. At the same time; however, I feel like stepping out of the box and breaking new barriers is hard for me. I find myself struggling to go above and beyond what I’m asked to do. I still try and get unique but no where near where I believe that I should be.


    I am interested in this ad because its my favorite car brand, and I also enjoy the advertising side of digital graphics. I like cars especially BMW because of their background and overall style. AlsoI love this companies work because of their simplicity and overall dominance in the advertising world. They have worked for many many large companies and productions, and I look forward to seeing what else they can do form BMW and the others.

  14. Jared says:

    I believe that what I’ve done well in first semester has been pretty much anything typography and figure ground oriented, and what I’ve struggled the absolute most in has been time management altogether.

    I chose this design because not only does video game design interest me altogether, and it is based on one of my favorite games ever, but is also from one of the most revolutionary franchises in terms of pushing video games out to being considered a modern art form.

  15. yiming says:

    Times are spending so fast, now we from first semester into second semester, I want to share something right here, from the first time that I come in this class, I feel that it gonna be my favorite class, I look around, all difference design is on the wall, maybe i love to see things that are interesting, so i love it more than before, I think something i doing well in this class is that i share mind with classmate, for example, if we doing a project in the class, I am always talk to classmate and share what i am thinking and what they are thinking, i am also doing great on helping classmate to use different way to design the thing or help classmate to fix the mistake, something I doing bad is on the presentation and the talk, because i am a guy who come from different country, so my english is not really good as classmate, but this is a thing that I struggling with.

  16. miranda says:

    During the first semester there were many things that i struggled with such as finishing all of my work and getting the assignments in on time. but some of the
    things that i excelled at was thinking outside of the box and collaborating with my classmates.

    There are many reasons why i like this design one is that i am very into video games and it would be nice to get a career in game/ character design.
    this design is appealing and draws your attention. during the game you see new sides of design and the product of designers creating a new world

  17. George B. says:

    Some things that I believe I have done really well with this past semester would be my craftsmanship when coming up with concepts and getting my final work in on time. I’d have to say that I really do not feel as if I am struggling with anything in this class as of now.

    (Othello Poster) I chose this design because I am passionate about theatre and, to me, poster design is a very intriguing part of digital graphic design. I think that this design is very successful in portraying a very confusing feeling in how the type is broken up and I believe that the eye in the center gives this poster a very mysterious look.

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