1. David Main says:

    This really is a stunning story. I found it absolutely amazing that he was being recruited, not as an athlete, but as a designer — it gives you an idea of how important a designer’s role is, especially in the athletic field. I also feel like I can relate to him in the way that he “lost himself in design”. For me, however, it isn’t design but running that I lost myself in. Finally, I find it to be really inspiring that he achieved his dream of working at Ohio State at such a young age, despite his childhood difficulties. Seeing something like that really makes you feel like you can do anything if you really try and put the effort in.

  2. Omar Mahmoud says:

    After reading this story about 19 year old Graphic Designer for Ohio State’s Athletic Program, Kenton Stufflebeam, I was just absolutely astonished. Many different coaches and colleges were trying to recruit him because of how amazing of a Designer he was. He doesn’t spend a few minutes or hours in his work. He spends alot of time on them and adds so much detail to them, that it even “sells” to the audience/viewers. He had a tough childhood growing up, but with the right amount of effort and charisma, he is now designing for Ohio State.

  3. Garrett Oneail says:

    This designer stands out from other designers; Kenton Stufflebeam is a 19 year old graphic designer that was hired by Ohio State’s Athletic Program, a young age to be in a large team like that, which surprised me. No matter what age you are, you can be a professional graphic designer at a young age. He claims that he is different from every other designer in this industry for one reason: he puts time into his work and puts in great amounts of detail at the same time. Kenton had a rough childhood, but that did not stop him from becoming a professional.

  4. George E Burkart says:

    After reading the article about Kenton Stufflebeam, a 19-year-old graphic designer currently working at Ohio States Athletic Program, I am greatly inspired by his success story and enthusiasm for design. It truly shows that a career in something you love is accessible no matter your background as long as you put in everything you have. I was also impressed with Ohio State’s initiative when it comes to “recruiting” designers for their program. It only makes sense to hire people who understand and interact with your target audience, theirs being the young people of today, interested in hip hop and all of the latest trends.

  5. Kayla Ford says:

    After reading this i was amazed. A talented 19-year old got recruited from ohio state to go to texas. Thats a big step and knowing he puts alot of effort and time into his designs shows his dedication. Its also amazing how he got recruited as a designer, usually colleges go for sports athetes.

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