Vans Custom Culture Competition

Take a few minutes to review and vote for the 5 regional finalists in the Vans Custom Culture Competition. Afterwards, share your thoughts about what you’ve seen. What stood out? What surprised you? What was memorable? Finally, take a few minutes to look at the “technology in design” competition which was the category that we entered. What do you think? Did Vans make a good decision? As always, be specific and articulate in your response. – A

Vans Custom Culture

  1. David Main says:

    What stood out to me was that all the designs were very colorful — Most of the designs reminded me of graffiti on a wall or of blended water color paint. What surprised me the most was the amount of shoe designs that had 3D attributes. An example is Notre Dame Academy’s skeleton shoe design, which uses a skeleton hand on one shoe and a skull that appears to pop out on the other. It’s just hard to think that you can make a shoe design that looks appealing when you have something on top of it, since shoes aren’t typically designed that way. Personally, the most memorable designs were Howell High School’s, where the shoes were cut apart to form different patterns — It is an interesting way to design a shoe that I didn’t even imagine. For the ‘technology in design” competition, I think that the design that won was a little bit too colorful for a technology design, and that it ruins the technology feeling a little bit. However, I do not think think that Vans made the wrong decision. I believe the design is an interesting take on mixing technology with art, and the repetition and color makes the design very visually-appealing.

  2. HapS says:

    I am very confused after looking over all of the finalists chosen in the five regions. When we reviewed the “brief” we decided and technology based solution would work the best. Yet most if not all of the ones chosen were way more artistic and world influenced than by technology. I felt that Vans could have been more specific in the brief to give clarification to the schools participating. I believe that the ones chosen were all well done and very unique in their own ways. A few designs follows similar influences from what I noticed. A few common ones were Mt. Rushmore, Cinco de Mayo (or day of the dead type stuff) as well as portraits of people. I also noticed the schools that got picked designed more than one shoe ( one for every style). Over all I feel that we had a good chance especially with what we submitted. And it was a really good competition by all the schools who participated.

  3. Tony J says:

    After looking at all of the choices, I voted for the Custom Vans shoes that I believed were created well. It seemed as if we were the only school out of every region to follow the technology/futuristic requirements. To me, it looked like the other schools used symbolism that identified with where they were from or the school they go to. For example, schools in the California region used images such as palm trees and water on their shoes and a school in one of the regions with the word “Indian” in the school name used a Native American in their design, which appeared on the top of the shoe. A large number of the shoes also seemed to have designs that did not stay on the shoe, but had more built on the top of it. The winner of the competition had a nice design and it worked with the requirements well also. I feel that the design that we selected could have and possibly should have been the final design/winner of the vans competition selected by Vans to go on a custom shoe.

  4. Garrett Oneail says:

    I liked most of the designs I saw; most gave an 80’s feel and the designs were seemingly done by hand. As I looked through the designs, the ones that stood out to me were the designs from Las Vegas High School. The shoes included so much detail, I don’t know where to start. The colors were bright, and it was easy to look at, meaning that there was space to breath between the patterns and colors. I find it very interesting that one of the shoes had the famous “Las Vegas” sign, and the school is located in Las Vegas.

    The winning design for Vans’ “technology in design” competition feels like it’s similar to some of our class’ ideas. Just by looking at this design, it feels like we were on the right track to getting one of our designs chosen. This winning design I believe is successful, and I believe that Vans made a great choice. It’s colorful, and fits the theme for the competition with its visuals and vector drawings of the computers, drawing tablets, etc.. One thing I noticed was there was absolutely nothing to do with a skateboard or the inclusion of the Vans logo within the design. The biggest use of the basic principles of design was the use of repetition, which made this successful as well. The other design principles are there, but I’m just saying that the one that is the most powerful is repetition.

  5. Sydney Dalton says:

    What stood out to me out of the finalists was some of the designs that were highly detailed and very clean. For example Bonita High school’s designs were very interesting and so nicely done I couldn’t help looking at them. All their designs stood as individuals and were all finely detailed to perfection. Another set of shoes that grabbed my attention was a sort of neon lace design made by Howell High School. The idea was well executed and they all worked together as a unit and had a cohesive concept behind their design. I saw nothing like their design throughout the rest of the finalists’ submissions.
    For the Vans technology design I thought the design came off a bit childish because of the colors and simplistic set up. I didn’t believe that the design fit into the Vans persona and was very just technology focused. I do think it has nice line designs within it that create an interesting visual when it was turned into a pattern. The colors fit together cohesively and I think that the overall piece is unified. I just don’t feel it was the best choice as a Vans brand shoe.

  6. George says:

    After reviewing and voting for the five regional finalists in the Vans Custom Culture, I noticed that most, if not all, seemed to be utilizing a plethora extremely saturated, bright colors. The use of these colors made many of the designs stand out to me. I was surprised by the amount of detail put into the small canvases. I also checked out the “Technology In Design” winner and have concluded that, although the design is very well crafted and the use of color adds visual interest, I’m not sure if the design really resonates with the Vans audience do to it’s very clean, playful look.

  7. Omar Mahmoud says:

    I believe the winner of the “Technology In Design” custom culture competition design is very successful. Looking at it, it reminds me of some designs we had in our class. Although, they used many technology pieces/machines that we use today in vector images such as 3D printer, macs, tablets, and the crane. I also believe the colors fit in very well for the competition because they make the whole design “pop” and fits in with the whole technology era. They also had no skating references or vans logo that is visible on the design which was a theme for us and I believe it is working for them with the repetitive hex-pattern.

  8. makayla foed says:

    Most of the designs i saw were interesting to me. I enjoyed seeing the diversity in designs and the different ideas and concepts people had. I saw that the designs had different unique themes and color schemes. Most of the designs were very bold and colorful. I enjoyed the saturation and hues in the designs as well and also the contrast. I didn’t see any monochromatic designs i saw mostly triadic, complimentary, and analogous colors.The designs looked like they were drawn onto or printed onto the shoes. The only thing that i would say is that i wish they showed individual shoes and not as groups because i liked some in the groups but not all.

    The winning design for the vans technology design competition was very interesting. One of its qualities reminds me of my design and the shapes i used. We both used a hexagon pattern in our design, but in different ways. The design chosen had the hexagons together compacted and mine were spread out and different sizes which creates diversity. The design that won didn’t use the vans logo which was surprising to me, because most of our class had the same idea to use the logo in our design somehow but the final chosen one didn’t have it at all. I believe this design is successful because it’s visually interesting, uses basic design principles, and illustrates the theme well.

  9. Jessica P says:

    What stood out to me and surprised me is that many of the designs were childish and something I would definitely not wear. There were only three individual shoes that i liked, not enough to be memorable to me though, but enough for me to wear them. My opinion on Vans’ decision is that they could have chose a better design. I like the design, but it was an awful choice in colors. The colors looked gross together and I can’t believe they’d pick that over Sydney’s design. I am disappointed in Vans’ choice and that is all I have to say.

  10. Corina Sifuentes says:

    The design chosen as the winner is very interesting to look at. I see that the designer(s) used a lot of the science technology concept for their design. It’s very colorful and uses repetition. I feel that Vans has chosen a very well done design for the competition. It really catches the eye and makes you want to look at all the detail in the piece. This is a successful design and I would like to see where it ends up in the future.

  11. Alexander Kowalinski says:

    Honestly. I found the design really bad… When I imagine technology I don’t think of pink…or yellow. Yes, the hexagon shapes give me a nano-tech feel, but some of the images inside of it kills the idea. Some of the images I don’t even know what they are. I even looked at the designs on the shoes and I feel it doesn’t look right at all. How could you match up black with bright and happy colors? Only that but fits with the design. I wouldn’t wear this at all. Sydneys design is far beyond greater then this, but oh well…

  12. Miranda Sephabodi says:

    I noticed a very large variety of designs most of them i felt were not techy at all, there were a lot that used different mediums such at painting and sculpting which made them more unique but not techy, i think that the winner was chosen yes because the design was good the shapes used and objects inside made sense but the colors didn’t make sense to name just as alex says, it doesn’t match.

  13. Sarah S. says:

    The design that was chosen from the “technology in design” competition to me is awful. The colors don’t scream technology, to me the colors make it almost childlike. With that I don’t think I would ever even think of buying a pair just because it seems tacky. I feel the VANS age group is older teens and I don’t see teens wanting to wear such a childish design on their shoes. The imagery in the design can be a bit hard for me to decipher what they are and how they link to technology. I continue to look over they design but I can’t seem to figure out what all the imagery is. In some ways I do see how it could link to the aspect of technology. The hexagons give it a techy feel and one of the colors, blue, can give of a technological feel. Over all, if feel that Vans did not make a good decision on the design. It is very childlike and I feel that the age group of Vans will most likely not buy or wear a pair with this design.

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