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Welcome to the official blog for the Whitmer Design program. A few weeks ago I asked you to interview and introduce one of your classmates. As a continuation of that conversation, I would like you to introduce the rest of us to someone that you love. I’m not talking about your mom, dad, cat, etc. – I’m talking about a visual artist whose work you admire. In your post, please tell us a little bit about the artist and what you love about their work. Finally, please include a link with your post so we can share the love.  – A

Here’s a link to somebody I love.  Charles Spencer Anderson Design

  1. Trystin says:

    Someone i love is Maxim Shkret. https://www.behance.net/maxlogin

  2. Alexia says:

    The artist that I admire would be Steven Noble. Steven Noble graduated from the University of California Davis in 1991. He designed the logo for Exxon-Mobile and the ad campaigns for Mercedes-Benz. Steven’s work catches my eye because of how creative his mind is. All his drawings are lines but he took that basic word and created it into something amazing. Value is very important in this kind of art and he completed the task of value. His art makes me think about what the meaning is and why he would put those things in his work. A good artist creates a story and he did. I will continue to look at his work.

  3. Brandon says:

    Someone I love is Robert Gotzfried. I love this artist because most of their artwork consists of professional photos of things like beautiful landscapes to fun bowling alleys, pools, and even subway tunnels connected underneath cities. I found that a lot of his photos were very unique and were things I had never seen before so I wanted to share this artist with everyone.

  4. Alex Shuherk says:

    I love Rik Oostenbroek

  5. Allie Myers says:

    One of the artists I follow and admire is James R Eads. His posters in particular are fascinating with his use of color and the way he casually bends reality. The way he uses lines is unique and I don’t normally see it anywhere else. A google search of “James R Eads poster” will give some great examples, but the link is to his shop.


  6. Caitlyn G. says:

    A visual artist whose art I admire is Whiluna, an artist that can be found on Deviant-art. Often times, she is realistic with her pieces with very detailed works, other times she creates silly little doodles/comics to share with her community. She is a fairly well known artist on the site, mainly for the quality of her artwork. She enjoys making creatures for people to ‘adopt’, such as a ‘nope goat’, a goat featuring long sharp teeth, bloodstains, and various other creepy elements, or the ‘nope rabbit’, a love-able bunny sporting many eyes and many teeth. She enjoys drawing her creature ‘Rascal’ most of all. He is a lion-like beast who has multiple nostrils, a long tail, long sharp horns, many teeth, and a bunch of small bug-like arms. The artwork she produces of him is phenomenal.

  7. Justin says:

    Jen Liu, she has a bachelors degree in fabric arts and a masters in design.

  8. Andrea M says:

    An artist whose work I admire is Stephen Gammell. Stephen Gammell is an illustrator and is well known for his illustrations in the book “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” written by Alvin Schwartz. I have been fascinated by his work since I was seven years old and my classmates dared me to read “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” because they were too scared to read it themselves. The book is technically a children’s book because the stories themselves are not that scary. However, the illustrations are actually quite creepy and disturbing and turn the book of cheesy “scary” stories into nightmare material. His style is messy and dark and I’ve used his art as inspiration for a lot of my work and have tried to mirror my style of drawing after his.


  9. Hanna says:

    Salvador Dali was a surrealism artist in the 1900s, born in Figueres, Spain. Dali worked mainly in surrealism and expressionism, along with a few other art periods. I love his work because surrealism has always stuck out to me, and has always interested me. Dali’s work is easily some of my favorite pieces I’ve seen and it inspires me to try and get to the point he was at.


  10. Jasmine says:

    A visual artist that I admire their work would be Xabi Mendoza. They are often live by jumping around from Paris, France; London, England; and Madrid, Spain. Xabi has over ten years of expirence in different artistic/audio-visuals disciplines as an art director, animator, illustrator, and a graphic designer, mainly in comics, games, and film productions. The reason why I like their work is because of the simple cartoon character and scenery designs and their really well done animations. The cartoony design makes the designs easily recognizable, memorable, and is able to tell a lot of the character already without any other context.

    Here is the link to Xabi’s work: https://www.behance.net/xabimendoza

  11. jordyn says:

    The artist that i like. https://www.behance.net/brycehudson

    Because i like his geometric art, i tend to be interest in geometric arts, graphic arts, illustrator arts, and more.
    His art looks awesome, simple, and the color tend to be different. Also he a painter.

  12. Steven Noble is an artist that I love. He has created many logos for companies, resturaunts etc. ranging as far as Japan and Europe. His work stands out to me because its something that you don’t always see. Steven to use woodcut, ink and pen, traditional engraving and steel engraving styles, as well as a variety of stylized scratchboard techniques for his illustrations and then scans and converts them to being digital images.

  13. Samuel O. says:

    Piotr Jabłoński is a digital artist, Illustrator, and concept artist who does all of his work on the computer. Jabłoński’s art style has a beautiful realistic look with a touch of fantasy. He has worked on concept art for games such as “Magic the Gathering”, “Legend of the Cryptids” and “Dishonored 2”. He is definitely a skilled artist with a great understanding of digital painting and can create beautiful environments equally impressive characters. I love this artist because someday I would like to be an Illustrator as well. Although I may never match up to Jabłoński’s skill level, he still remains as a great inspiration.

  14. An artist I admire is Bob Ross. He typically stuck with landscapes and i love looking at nature. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1995, but he left some inspirational work for all to see

  15. Michael says:

    I love Mike Anderson, I like him because the way his art style is very cartoonish but serious. The art style is very comic-like. https://www.behance.net/mikuloctopus

  16. Alex shuherk says:

    An artist who’s work i enjoy is Rik Oostenbroeks work he lives in Hilversum, Netherlands and what i love about his work is that a lot of his work is 3D and very modern.


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