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Take a few minutes to check out the video below. Afterwards, consider some of the brands (companies, products, organizations) that you see and support on a daily basis. Choose one and write a brief (200 words) review of their logo. Make sure that you consider the symbolism, colors, and audience. Finally, attach a link to the logo that you review.  – A

PBS Offbook – Logo Design

  1. Alex Shuherk says:

    I support apple, i see it everyday on my phone, when i come to school i see it on the macs, other peoples phones, iPads, mac books, watches, etc. The apple symbol is almost everywhere. The reason i like there logo is because its bold its black white or any other color that sticks out from the other colors you see. I also like the stem outside of the apple they make it look oval and disconnected, another thing they put with the apple is the circle they took out of it to make it look like someone took a bite out of it.


  2. Michael says:

    The logo I chose to do was the Nike logo. Nike’s target audience is people who are looking for a comfortable running shoe or a casual shoe for everyday attire. They also target the younger audiences with the different colors they use with the shoe and the logo. The most popular and well-known version of the Nike logo is black and white. But now that there are multicolored shoes the logo can come in many colors and variations. Now there is Nike Air which is a variation of the Nike logo. To me the Nike logo symbolizes a check mark, like you’ll get things done when you wear Nikes.

  3. michael says:

    The logo I chose to do was the Nike logo. Nike’s target audience is people who are looking for a comfortable running shoe or a casual shoe for everyday attire. They also target the younger audiences with the different colors they use with the shoe and the logo. The most popular and well-known version of the Nike logo is black and white. But now that there are multicolored shoes the logo can come in many colors and variations. Now there is Nike Air which is a variation of the Nike logo. To me the Nike logo symbolizes a check mark, like you’ll get things done when you wear Nikes. It also symbolizes motion because most nike shoes are running shoes. http://www.thelogomix.com/blog/famous-logo-design-history-nike-10090636.html

  4. Justin says:

    The pepsi logo has been through a few redesigns but I’m gonna talk about the most recent one. The newest or latest version is just a multi colored circle dominated by mostly red then some blue and finally a splash of white. The red that is mostly dominant is most likely to catch your attention sitting in the vending machine or on the shelf in the store. The blue that would clash with the red normally is separated slightly to compliment the red to further catch your attention. Thats a rather bold move when one of their top competitors has a red and white can and red is much easier to spot than the mostly blue of a pepsi can. Then theres the splash or rather slash of white that separates the red and blue from each other on the actual logo itself. Not only does the white make the red and blue pop out a little more but it also gives a callback to the original logo redesign the first circle logo not the traditional writing of pepsi cola. That means that all this time that logo was determined to work by the company and shows they have faith to keep the basic element around in order to keep old fans and grab the attention of new ones.

  5. Caitlyn G. says:

    A company I support on a daily basis is Fairwood Chiropractic and Physical Therapy. Their office is aimed towards families and individuals who have back problems. As I am concentrating on their logo for the first time in years, I realize that the spine that makes up the “I” in Fairwood looses it’s detail once its sized down for their website. I am unsure what the blue streak around the letters F, A, and I symbolizes but it seems to connect to the dot above the I to symbolize the I in Fairwood. The use of the colors in their logo is unexplainable to me, the choice of a sea green and an ocean blue doesn’t flow well in my mind. Their logo features about 2 different fonts, but it seems to work with the placement of their words. There is silhouettes of people (possibly a family) jumping into the air. I imagine that the intent of the silhouettes is to show how free-moving you will be after Chiropractic care, other than that I see no reason for them being there. I chose this logo because my mother is the Manager at Fairwood. I should suggest a logo change to her in the future.

  6. Jordyn S. says:

    I choose dell because of irony (E) in a different rotation. i just did a research on dell tilted E and it really means “turn the world on its ear”. dell have 3 different logos, the first one looks plain and very simplest black color, the 2nd one has a bold word to make it look strong also the letter (E) was tilted too, and the 3rd one looks the same as the 2nd one but added a thick circle around it and change a better blue color. Again i research why dell use blue color and it shows loyalty, reliability, elegance, and brilliance. i choose dell because they have a strong spot on the E letter and just look irony to me also it helps the company to gain more people.


  7. The logo i chose to speak about is the Subway logo. This logo is very simple but also very effective because of a lot of features it uses. Its not symmetrical, but it sticks to one concept, it’s easy to understand, and it uses great balance in the logo. It doesn’t favor one side of the logo and it doesn’t favor a specific color or shape. It has just as much green as it does yellow. Its colorful with its deep yellow and deep green letters, which catches your eye. They want to be known as a healthy restaurant, so it as also smart to use the green yellow colors for the reason. Another detail about this logo is the arrows at the beginning and end of the word subway. It’s clever to use those in the logos because of the name of the restaurant. I think they’re referring to the “way” in subway by having arrows pointing in specific ways or directions. The creators of this logo didn’t get too fancy but weren’t too simple neither. The font and size of the font aren’t too big to have all of your attention there, but isn’t too small to where you don’t notice it. I would consider this design a successful design because it has all the qualities a good design has.

  8. Hanna says:

    The logo I chose is the logo for the Smithsonian Museum, located in Washington DC. Their logo is of a sun, with yellow rays that alternate between curved and straight. While in some cases the logo is in black and white, when colored the yellow is bright and stands out from the light blue background (which could be representative of the sky). The logo itself could represent unity, and was likely created so it can be easily recognized — considering the simplicity of the design. The variation between the sun rays gives the viewer more to look at, and makes it more interesting and complex. Had it just been straight rays, or just curved rays, it may not have had the same impact that it did with a mixture. The colors are clearly trying to represent the sun and the sky, which could be connected back to the concept of unity in that we are all living under the same sky, and we all experience it in similar and different ways (perhaps another reasoning behind the different shaped rays). The logo itself is quite successful and works for the audience they’re targeting, that of course being people interested in the world of Natural History.

    Logo Can be Viewed here:
    And Here:

  9. I seen a lot of brands that I have used in the past and right now in the video I have watched. The one brand that I seen in the video that I would love to review is the apple logo. That company has been around forever it seems. People know what that company is and what it produces just by the logo of an apple. Apple is one of the most successful company out there today. The logo of the apple is silver and doesn’t have any other color to it. It has a little leaf on the top of the apple that is not attacted to the apple. The actual apple itself doesn’t have much detail to it regarding the shape of it. It is just a outline of a basic apple. There is a tint of shading in the apple to provide it depth. The audience for this product would be mainly for teenagers and adults. Apple is well known for their Ipods and Iphones. Before the first Iphone, Apple was just a music company and specialized in playing music with their well known Ipod. People are very familiar with the logo and company of Apple as it is used today.

  10. Samuel O. says:

    The brand that I chose and continually support is Pepsi. Pepsi is a long running company selling soft drinks to consumers since 1898. Although it did not start out as the globe we see today, it still remains as one of the most recognizable symbols all over the world. The current logo, made in 2008 shows a red, white, and blue globe with the white in a sort of smile shape to contrast the red and blue. The colors were originally chosen in the 1940’s to display support for the America during World War II.

    I find that the Pepsi logo is very successful in what it’s purpose is in marketing today. They have changed the design multiple times to better suit the current times yet did not change too much to displease the people and stray away from being timeless. The minimalist look to it makes it modern yet timeless. It has a very satisfying appeal to it with the white separating the red and blue to add contrast. The choice of font combined with very recognizable Pepsi globe has allowed the company to become very unique from the smaller competition. The design is inviting and welcomes all consumers to enjoy the product.

  11. Andrea M says:

    The brand whose logo I have chosen to review is Celestial Seasonings. Celestial Seasonings is a tea company that I support on a daily basis with my average of three cups of tea that I drink every day and the five boxes of Celestial Seasonings tea that I have stacked in my cupboard. Celestial Seasonings has redesigned their logo in the past but I have chosen to review the most recent version of their logo. The logo is a sort of badge or label looking symmetrical shape with almost elegant looking curves. This shape contains the words “Celestial Seasonings” in all capital letters with the word “Celestial” in a large and almost whimsical font and the word “Seasonings” in a smaller and more formal font. The shape contains a brown radial gradient that originates in the center of the shape and the shape also has a cream colored inner border. The text in the logo uses this same cream color. The logo is also typically accompanied by the nice little registered trademark symbol. I find this logo to be very appropriate for this brand of tea. The logo uses natural colors that work well with all of the color schemes of the boxes for their different types of tea which also typically use natural colors. Natural colors are very fitting for this company because it is an environmentally aware company that produces herbal teas. The logo colors are also very warm which is appropriate for a tea company because tea is typically served warm. The whimsical text and curved edges of the logo are an excellent choice in my opinion because it sets this company apart from the other tea company logos while still appealing to most tea drinkers. Many people who consider themselves to be tea drinkers tend to think of themselves as being more sophisticated and formal than the average person and most tea companies try to take advantage of that with more serious looking logo designs but Celestial Seasonings takes a more different path by embracing a sort of free spirited design. However, the logo still manages to appeal to the more sophisticated tea drinkers with a clean and kind of fancy design that has aged appearance.

  12. Trystin says:

    Im going to choose the brand off Coca Cola because they talk about it a little bit and gave a ton of insight on how they made their logo and why. First off they talked about the words needed and wrote them down, then they took the logo and changed the way the effect of the words were made, then they changed the background of the words right behind it to give it even more of a different effect. Which i think is very interesting is how we are making a similar project as them when creating out symbols and just like them we are making many different ideas before moving on the next step. They didn’t use any color when making their design at first then as the years went on they added color to it, and I’m not sure if it was because color wasn’t used at this time period but in the images shown from 1887 to 1960s they only used black and white. They also tweaked the tail of the C to get the viewers attention, and how important that was to make their logo significantly good and different from the others so that it sticks in their brain. I think that learning how the professionals do it and finding out that we are using the exact same concepts is a good acknowledgement tool to re secure our process and remind us how important these concepts are.


  13. Allie Myers says:

    The symbol I chose to review was the NASA logo. The design consists of a blue circle with white stars in the background, a white and incomplete oval, a red angular line, and the word NASA right in the middle. “NASA” stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The symbolism in this logo is highly related to space, as it should be. The white stars against the blue background could suggest the sky, the white oval appears very mathematical and could relate to orbits, and the overall color scheme of red, white, and blue correlates with The United States. I will say however, I am not sure what the red streak is meant to represent. I feel like it could represent the American flag in a very abstract way. As NASA was very important during the time of the Cold War, specifically the Space Race, the logo catered toward patriotism and pride with its colors and bold, professional look. Still important today, it hold the same appeal. The logo is memorable and is currently being used in apparel. The font of “NASA” is unique and could be recognized on its own. Overall, I believe the design to be successful in the message it conveys and the way in which it conveys it.

    Link to image-

  14. Jasmine says:

    A logo that I see and support on a regular basis would have to the Walt Disney Pictures logo. The reason why I am choosing this logo over many others is because I find it to be a powerful and iconic logo. When you see the older logo of a castle and the semicircle behind it, you know you are about to watch a very well known, billion dollar company’s product. With more newer movies, the moved away from the logo that started it all, but they still use it with a more realism and often make it related to the movie. What makes this castle logo successful is because it is simple, easy to understand, and is very iconic. The castle was a symbol to both the theme parks’ castles and that some of their first films made was princesses and fairytales. With the classic logo, that was created in 1985 and used till around 2006, it’s color was a light blue, matching with Disney’s Cinderella’s dress color, with the font of “Walt Disney” in white and fancy lettering. This making the color iconic to Cinderella and having the company’s name easily noticeable. The logo also appeals to the audience because what Disney is known for is its animated fairytales, and castles are a huge part of many fairy tales.

    Walt Disney Pictures logo- http://images.mentalfloss.com/sites/default/files/waltdisneylogo.jpg?resize=1100×740

  15. The logo that i decided to use is the Mountain Dew logo. The logo has the text “Mtn Dew” on it, the “Mtn” is in a slanted bold green text and the “Dew” is in a slanted green text, all of it is placed on a white background. Mountain Dew has a more younger audience in my opinion which i think can be more complex or harder to work with. You don’t see so many old people drinking Mountain Dew so the symbol doesn’t need to be so formal. The symbol took a more wild and fierce path and i think it works, its more free like younger people feel.

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