Deep Thoughts.

Take a few minutes to reflect on the conversation we had in class yesterday. What are you thinking about? Did you hear anything that surprised you?  What do you wish you would have asked? What did you learn? As always, feel free to use correct grammar (it matters) and at least 200 words in your response – this is the Whitmer Design Blog not Myspace.   – A


  1. Samuel O. says:

    I feel that the talk we had yesterday with the different Whitmer alumni was very informative and interesting for the whole class. The graduates had a lot to say and to be honest it was a little intimidating all the important information they were giving us at once. I might have easily forgotten a lot of what was said which I feel bad about but that doesn’t mean that our time was wasted. I had fun speaking with people who were actively engaging in college and ready to tell us what to be wary of and how to handle certain problems that may occur.

    The meeting was, to say the least, an eye-opener for me on how important it is to have a plan on what you want to do and how difficult it can be in college. I remember when Lauren said she wasn’t absolutely sure which part of Illustration she wanted to get into and how the career has a vast number of jobs within it. That kinda surprised me because it made me realize that I don’t absolutely know which kind of Illustration I want to get into either. This meeting has inspired me to look into art careers more and find out if I really need college, and if I do, what is the plan? I found this talk to have opened a door for me to explore and really think in depth on what I plan to do after graduation and how will I get there.

  2. Andrea says:

    I found the conversation from yesterday to be pretty helpful and I am glad we had the opportunity to meet some of the alumni of this program and talk with them and ask them questions. One thing that surprised me was how deep the conversation got when we were asked why we were here. I was not expecting that so early on a Monday morning. I was also kind of surprised by how many different jobs some of the alumni have had since graduating from Whitmer. There were several questions I wish I had asked yesterday. One of the questions was why each person chose to stay in Ohio. I was also curious about whether or not Jamie Lefevre is related to Mrs. Lefevre Johnson here at Whitmer. I also never had the chance to ask Lauren Myers about whether or not her roommate’s dog, Murphy, is enjoying the snow and cold weather. I learned quite a few things from yesterday. I learned that Lauren Myers’ cat is actually named Peanut Butter, I learned that there are even more career opportunities with design than I thought there were before, and I learned some more about what it takes to earn decent money being a freelance artist or designer. I also received some very helpful feedback on my BPA flyer.

  3. B. Kinsey says:

    I think it was very interesting to hear the different experiences and perspectives of those who have gone through what I hope to be doing as well. I like that they all are doing jobs that are in different areas of expertise because it shows how Graphic Design isn’t just on a computer or making vector drawings, it’s a wide range of fields centered around Graphic Design. I really enjoyed that Lauren Myers said to research the thing you like and basically pursue that thing. I agree, if you enjoy something so much, dig into what it takes to do something that revolves around that field or interest. I wish I would have asked if the job they were in now was what they wanted to go into in the first place or did it change, then ask why it changed or how. That would have helped since you don’t always want to pursue what you think is right until you find it. The discussion on Monday helped me to see from a point of view of someone who has gone through what I will want to do in the future as a form of a Graphic Designer and I would also like to thank the professionals for taking the time to come and visit our class.

  4. Allie Myers says:

    The conversation with Alumni from the other day was eye opening. I always knew that getting a job or getting through college was not going to be easy but, when asking what it was like after leaving, the response was rather negative. I can see why but this will not stop me from pursuing my goal. Like those that we talked to, art is something that we love and no matter how hard it is, we will overcome and better ourselves to succeed. After leaving the conversation, I wished that I had asked about the people they work with. I think it is important to work with those who are like you in that they love what they are doing are wiling to work, as it creates a positive atmosphere, and it would have been nice to know how they felt about those they have to work with. I learned about all the different opportunities and avenues that one major can lead too. For example, many of the previous students we talked to had graphic design as their major, and from some different schools as well, yet they all did something different in terms of their job. Some worked for companies and some did freelance work and there is even more variation within those categories too. It’s nice to know that there are many different opportunities within the field and that success is possible.

  5. Alex Shuherk says:

    I heard a lot of advice I’m going to need, it sounded like nobody settles with their work, that they all feel like they will not succeed the next day or they fear tomorrow. The day after i thought it through a lot, we need to put in work to have the strength we need tomorrow, we all need to raise our expectations. I also heard that we need to bring more than what we are asked to bring, such as sketches. I heard a lot of advice on colleges don’t let people pick for you, you know do what you wanna do, do not let other people get in the way of that or chose for you. What surprised me is how this class changed them i heard from one of the students that this class is the reason why so many people are good at critical review a lot of people coming fresh into Digital Graphic Design don’t know critical review or they will be nice about everything they say just so they don’t offend anybody, but in graphic design you have to be critical, and this class teaches that. I am also thinking about where they have gone after this class some of them are doing free lance work and a lot of them are in businesses and very little of them aren’t even doing graphic design anymore. I heard a few of the graphic designers say that the professors at that colleges you go to don’t care about you, they’ve got there money for the day they’ve done their jobs, it all depends on you now.

  6. Trystin says:

    As I’m reflecting on the conversation we all had with the people who visited i realize there was a lot more information than i took in that exact day. At first i thought taking in their opinions i would realize wether i like it or not. That was more the overall thing wanted to take in the conversation, but after talking to them i realized that I’m going to have to find that for myself but its going to be hard. I gained more of a sense of direction when trying to use graphic design. I gained more information on how i can use this to get a job and even how i could branch off into sort of a mix of different things that go along with graphic design. I was more surprised how hard it was to live with this job and how hard it will be but i think starting off a new career would be hard regardless. Theres nothing i rally want to ask, i think i should just try to keep everything i took in that day before i even try to get more information. Thats not everything i learned but lastly i learned that everything my teacher says in here is true.

  7. michael says:

    After that I’m thinking about what I’m going to do after high school. A lot of things that I heard surprised me. When they said that you should know your self-worth because of how much you charge, that really stood out to me. Another thing that surprised me is how many different paths you can take a a graphic designer. The thought of being able to do what I want, when I want, and charge what I want if I started my own business/ worked for myself. It makes me think, how much would I charge for something. It also makes me think about the amount of competition there would be and how much you’d have to stand out to get noticed. I learned a lot of things from all of this. I learned that to succeed in this career you have to stand out, and a good way to stand out is to just design like only you can, put your own spin things. I also learned that this is just the beginning, you can become so many things doing this as a career. I learned that you can do whatever you want to do if you wanted to.

  8. Jordyn says:

    Most of us answered a lot question and ask questions too. I was thinking about how hard did they take any program in college to prepare for yourself in few years when you go college. it doesn’t really surprise me but I make me more interested in how hard they have done in college and work. Like how they experience through college and work and how do people and your boss don’t really care and you have to be self-pride. some of them prefered to stay I high school because of it as a safe place for the student to prepare for college or future. list of questions I wished to ask, How did you get your scholarship? What opportunities are there for any graphic design class. What does your college schedule look like? What the best Thing you ever did in college? And the last one is, What the hardest and the best project you have done in college. I learn that to see how hard they went through college, they talk a lot about jobs, and how it like in jobs. I think the teacher should do a college meeting again to ask better questions and ask more about jobs.

    • Anderson says:

      It’s on. We will bring in former students that are currently in college on January 5th. I hope that you will ask these and other questions when that opportunity presents itself in January.

  9. Jasmine says:

    After having the conversation with the alumni on Monday, it stirred up some thoughts for me. Some of these thoughts included: a lot of them had no idea what they wanted to further themselves for their career until they started experimenting in college; these few folks had to be people who overcome their problems; people who are entrepreneurs have to make sure that they are not getting less than minimum wage from their projects; you have to be really confident with your work and be able to presentate your projects so your consumers are also confident with your work; even as adults, they have no idea what will come in for the next day; and much more. One of the things that surprised me is how many of them that end up changing majors within college. Another one would be how majority of them quit one of their previous jobs to do a different one. To add on with the previous one, it also surprised me how all of them said you have to be the one to look after your improvement such as your career. These are just somethings that surprised me, probably do to never really thinking about these things before. Lastly, was the question my classmates and myself were assigned to have our parents to answer, which was about whether or not they knew what was gonna happen tomorrow. I found out from these alumni and my mother that no matter what job you go into (at least majority of jobs), you are not going to know what that job will bring you tomorrow.

  10. Jason Gonzales says:

    I thought bringing in former Whitmer students to discuss about design was a great idea. It certainly was informational and made me think hard about my future. All of us students could relate to some of the topics that was brought up because they also had Mr. A as a teacher. So for them going through the same exact class as we currently are gave me a better understanding of exactly how they managed to transfer themselves from high school to college. I really want to pursue a design profession when i graduate, and the way the former students talked about the exact steps they took and the obstacles they faced surprised me. I guess i assumed that the events that students go through as their transitioning to college was different than what really occurs. I learned that design can place you in jobs and fields that you may not necessarily think of when you think the occupations a designer can go to. Choosing a college is a huge part of where you’ll land after college so I want to be very careful and picky to where I consider. It helped me when they talked about how they chose their colleges and what aspects they looked for in colleges that helped them decide where they wanted to go. In conclusion, bringing in the former alumni was a good experience for me.

  11. Anderson says:

    Many of you mentioned that you wish that you would have asked some additional questions. Here’s the good news, we are going to be hosting another alumni panel on January 5th with former students who are currently in college. I would strongly encourage you to prepare, engage, and take advantage of the opportunity. I’m looking forward to it. – A

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