The Writing Is On The Wall

Take a few minutes to visit the link below which includes a brief video and interview about an installation project created for Sony Music by designer Alex Fowkes. Afterwards, search the internet and locate an equally amazing example of professional design which is type-based. Post a comment which includes the link to the site you locate.

Sony Corporate Office Signage

Alex Fowkes Studio

  1. Andrea says:

    This link goes to a website with pictures of cultural attractions in Cardiff, Wales. The first two pictures are of the Wales Millennium Centre which has a beautiful exterior wall that uses a type based design.

  2. Samuel O. says:

    Words and phrases can be a powerful thing when it comes to design and conveying a message. The most memorable phrases or slogans are short and to the point. Other phrases can be remembered for the context of the situations it is put into. The things recognizable or well-known people say can be quoted into everyday conversation or literature. Trends can easily be caught on and spread all over the world faster then wildfire these days with the internet and it’s many users. We are social people who love to share all that we want through conversation, art, and literature.

    One powerful, somewhat text based design that I want to talk about is the infamous graffiti doodle “Kilroy was here”. The doodle shows a bald man peering over a wall with an abnormal sized nose almost always accompanied with the phrase “Kilroy was here”. The cartoon seems to be a ripoff of a similar doodle that was meant to comment on the current status of the British government called “Mr. Chad.” but the quote has a completely original origin. The quote originated from a man from the 1940’s named James J. Kilroy who worked as the inspector for tanks and warship hulls at a shipyard. His supervisor would consistently bother him by not believing he actually did his work and when James had enough, he went inside the tanks and marked them with a yellow crayon, “Kilroy was here”. It is assumed that soldiers took the phrase with them and marked it all over walls with whatever writing device they could use. The graffiti stands as a symbol for hope and courage for those who were suffering during or after the war.

  3. Hanna says:

    While I was looking for an image, I stumbled across this:
    ( )

    I’m not sure if this counts as “professional”, but I saw this mural and thought that it was very cute. It is for a Nursery school, and the words used in it are very tailored to that, and the typeface was extremely adorable. It’s a work in progress, as it hasn’t been approved yet, but the idea is awesome.

    Just in case that doesn’t count, I also found this:
    ( )

    This is an exhibit at the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, and while it’s not all text, the main part of it is. The words on the blue background are the names of past presidents, which is what the exhibit is about. According to the website, this is the first of it’s kind to be features in the National Museum of American History, and makes it all the more amazing. It may not be as large as the mural in the video, but due to it’s purpose, it doesn’t have to be. It does what it set out to do, and holds a very professional look to it.

  4. Jasmine says:

    After watching the video and reading the interview, I went on a search to find another amazing piece of typography. This led to me searching for a bit until I found Pokobar’s Interior Design. Its location is in downtown Zagreb City, in an apartment of 180 square meters that was changed to be an office space for three sister companies. The designers decided to use an “indoor graffiti” design by labeling each room according to their function. The type design in each room makes the whole space feel connected, even though each room gives off its own mood by the slight change of the type design. I personally found this to be really interesting and an amazing concept used, making the work place more enjoyable.

  5. Allie Myers says:

    The example I found includes images that are composed of words and typography to make up imagery relating to Australia. The pieces are bright and colorful and full of details that relate to the destination. Places like Melbourne, Australia and the Sydney Opera House are depicted.


  6. says:

    As I google searched “professional typography”, I stumbled upon what seemed to be lyrics of a song, written out very smoothly and flowing very nicely together. I am a big fan of music myself, so I decided to search for some easily recognizable band titles/fonts. Some of the most recognizable designs were names like “Metallica”, “Linkin Park”, and “Iron Maiden” to name a few. One of my favorite band name designs would be that of “Avenged Sevenfold”. (Click my name to view)

  7. michael says:

    This link leads to the Baskin Robbins logo. I chose this because it’s very clever how they put the 31 inside the B and the R.

  8. Trystin says:

    After looking at multiple type face design i choose the playstation logo because they used the logo to represent their name in a very creative way. The made a P for and gave it a S shadow in the back that stands for play station and then made that their logo. This is what t looks like

    ( )

  9. jordyn says:

    The Quad Cinema quickly draws my attention because I like how the design looks like and it makes you feel unique and have more taste in it. All of the design is custom and they did a really good job at making those designs look more awesome. They change everything inside to match the quad cinema typeface theme. It would attract a lot of people to go in and look around. they also made it on the show time board which it looks like it uses the custom typeface. The quad cinema is located in new york city.

    I think the typeface that quad cinema used will be good for a high-end company or maybe good for the luxury product. The Quad Cinema typeface will look better if they make it a little thicker. Most of the people should be ready for the future and things will become very modern, So that way they can adapt easily without getting behind. So at least the quad cinema looks like it in the future already. The most company should make a similar thing like this typeface. The quad cinema seems a small place with a lot good design inside the building also outside.

    the quad cinema

    the company design the quad cinema

  10. Jason Gonzales says:

    Auckland based designer Sara Marshall created this latest project, ‘Brand by Hand’ to explore the defining attributes of some of the biggest companies in the world. “Brand by Hand is intended as an intersection of these two trends by introducing the personal, hand-treated and flowery nature of hand lettering into the cold corporate world,” she explains.

    “The purpose, besides being a personal exploration of letterforms, is to reimagine these logos while retaining key defining elements of their original branding,” she continues. “Some examples have taken the salient features of each brand and conceptualised them in workable ways while others really challenge minimalist ideals through ornamentation and embellishment.”

  11. Alexia Wilson says:

    The type designer that i found was a woman named Gabriella Thompson. Her works is very interesting to me and it drawn my attention. She is a recent graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design. She won a Gold ADDY and she was also a global semifinalist in the Adobe Design Achievements Award. Her artwork is unique and it is very creative. She created her own typefaces and they are really interesting.


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