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Turn it up. For this blog post, I want you to listen carefully. No really listen carefully. Dust off your record collection and choose an album that you can’t live without. Listen to it – yes the whole thing, it’s not like you’re going anywhere so slow down and enjoy it. If you’re really feeling dangerous listen to it a couple of times. Afterward, I want you to look at the album artwork and analyze whether or not you think that particular design is a successful introduction for the album that you chose. Think about what the artist was trying to convey in their music and take things into consideration like the artist’s name, album name, musical genre and the mood the music puts you in. Use at least 150 words in your description and if possible include a link with the album cover that you are sharing. It should go without saying, but make sure your response is specific, well-written, and school appropriate. Rock on! – Anderson

  1. My album is Demon Days by Gorillaz. I feel that the album’s artwork is a great introduction to the album. The album conveys many topics. The album’s cover art is the four virtual band members (2-D, Murdoc Niccals, Russel Hobbs, and Noodle) in a two by two grid. The album’s name suggest that people have personal “demons” some days that the person needs to deal with all the time. The album features contributions from De La Soul, Neneh Cherry, Martina Topley-Bird, Roots Manuva, MF DOOM, Ike Turner, Bootie Brown, Shaun Ryder, and Dennis Hopper. To me the album gives off a chilling, macabre feeling. It is a journey of finding oneself and battling against one’s inner demon. It is one of if not my favorite album from my favorite band. It is very difficult to say which music genre Gorillaz as a whole fits in. The band uses many genres from hip hop to rock to pop and so on. In conclusion, I feel that the design goes well with the music.

  2. One album that I could not live without is Carly Pearce’s album “Every Little Thing.” I feel as though the album’s artwork is a great introduction because it has her being the center of it all and the songs on this album have to deal with her getting heartbroken or missing something in her life. The cover of her album has her sitting on an old worn down porch staring with a little smirk look. The album’s name ” Every Little Thing,” suggests that she has memories and everything matters in the world. The album makes me feel good, makes me wanna stick up for myself, and makes not worry about what others think of me. Carly Pearce’s album ” Every Little Thing,” is in the genre country. Country music is my scapegoat but, Carly Pearce is my go-to for music in this genre. Her songs make me realize how much love everyone needs and how much the little things matter the most throughout life.

  3. Sage Wilson says:

    The album I chose is Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots. The album cover is black, white, and red, with the band name at the top and the album name at the bottom. The cover is mostly taken up by nine red circles with various designs. Although I don’t know what each symbol means, they each represent one of the songs in the album. “Blurryface” is the made up character by the band that represents depression, insecurities, and battling with yourself over what you really want, which are all themes that show up in the songs throughout the album. Many of the songs talk about difficulties in life and growing up, insecurites, being pressured by society to change yourself, and trying to figure out what you want in life. Two of the songs have parts where the singer changes his voice to sound deep and demonic almost, which represents “Blurryface”. These two songs are represented on the cover with two of the circles being red, while the rest are black and white. Although I don’t fully know what the album cover means, I think that the fact that the cover is so confusing works with the album well because the meaning of some of the songs can be confusing too, although you can tell that the songs are dark, as is the album cover.

  4. Hannah Green says:

    The album that I have chosen is Melanie Martinez k 12. The artwork on the album cover represents exactly what the songs will be about. These songs are about her experiences during her 12 years of school. On the cover, there is a school that is called k12 and a pink bus with her standing in front of the school. The colors that she uses relates to her past albums and songs. She always works with pastel colors and I think that she does this because sometimes her work has darker meanings behind it. I think that the design of the album fits along with the songs. Melanie’s genre of this album is Electropop alternative pop Her song conveys her experiences of her going through her 12 years of school and she puts her experiences into the songs to show her feeling of having her horrors, memories, and nightmares of the school. So the design of her album fits along with her thought and feelings towards her music and the message that she tries to convey through her work

  5. Gwen Shipman says:

    Did anyone else know that Ryan Gosling has a band? The same Ryan Gosling who starred in The Notebook and La La Land has a band! A hauntingly melancholic band that was born out of a shared love for Disney Land’s Haunted Mansion.

    Dead Man’s Bones has one (for now!) album, fittingly titled Dead Man’s Bones. It’s dark, it’s creepy, and it’s somehow uplifting. Other than the distinctly ‘Halloweeny’ instrumentals, DMB stands out for one reason. Every song incorporates vocals from a children’s choir. If the steady beating of a heart wasn’t haunting enough for you, know that it’s backed up by children singing about burying a body! Or, if that’s not quite your style, try the weeping found in the 11th track that’s aptly named Dead Man’s Bones.

    The album cover is simple by design. It’s a picture of the children’s choir in their Halloween costumes. (Shout out to Edward Scissorhands on the left). I feel like it’s an effective design due to the album’s grungy nature. It definitely has the appearance of an underground folk album. I can also appreciate the homage to the choir, because without them, the album wouldn’t be nearly as successful. It feels right putting them front and center. With no choir, there is no Dead Man’s Bones.

    Here’s a playlist on Youtube, including the music video for Dead Hearts

    And here’s the album on Spotify

  6. Aiden Schultz says:

    The album I have chosen is “F8” by Five Finger Death Punch. I feel like the album art cover portrays the album very well. The artist that made it is Zoltan Bathory, who is also a guitarist in the band as well. While he was creating the design, he wanted to name the album “8” symbolising that this is the eighth album. As the band was talking about it, some depicted that the 8, when looked sideways, looked like an infinity symbol. Some time later, experimenting with the design, the band also added the letter “F”. So, the name “F8” says “Five Finger Death Punches 8(th) album”. When seen, the art has a snake eating its own tail, showing the old symbol for infinity the “ouroboros”. The triangle with an eye can also be seen, with some text saying “novus ordo” meaning “new order”. That shows the addiction of alcohol from the lead singer Ivan Moody, saying, the band had a problem and they are overcoming it. The letters MMXX are roman numerals, saying “2020”. The feel of the album and knowing of the back story, It is a very energetic and sorrowful feeling. This is because, the album depicts Ivan’s life and struggles.

    Art and Source used:

  7. Connor Orns says:

    The album I’m choosing is “The Search” by NF. The album’s color is grey and black and NF is walking with a cart of bloons, away from the cage that was the theme of his last album “Perception”, but anyways the shopping carts with bloons represent the burdens he carries, and at the top of the album is the name of the artist and his album “The Search.” What NF meant by “The Search”, was the search for hope in his life, which is something that NF struggled with growing up. The songs on “The Search”, are about lots of things such as his mental issues, his life when he was a kid, changes in his life, his future as a rapper, and much more, and most of these concepts are things that can be connected to in life. Finally, the thoughts and colors the album has portrays the meaning of the album perfectly.

  8. Nick Van Sant says:

    The album I have chosen to talk about is Trench by the musical duo, Twenty One Pilots; I have chosen this album because I was introduced to it last year by my friend and it is one of the few albums I listen to. The way I interpret the meaning of the album is that there are these people called Banditos that are trying to escape from a place called Dema and the need to escape. The record name “Trench” can also symbolize being in between two places and traveling through your own journey. On the cover of the album there is a picture of a black vulture surrounded by a yellow background. The vulture in my opinion symbolizes freedom and the ability to move on in life hence why they are trying to escape Dema. The yellow on the album is supposed to represent rebellion, the people in Dema (Banditos) rebel against the Bishops who are the people who hold them there so the Banditos use the yellow to intimidate and threaten the Bishops. I believe the cover design is a really good fit for what goes on in the songs/storyline of the album. The pace of the song is also a good fit, it isn’t too fast or too slow, it goes just right with the story.

  9. Rayjon says:

    I choose the ablem Goodbye & Good Riddance because it’s by my favorite artist Juice WRLD the cover of this ablem paints a picture of hatred Towards a girl who broke his heart you know she broke his heart by listening to the music but you know what patriot Of hatred because he has his middle finger up to the woman On the top half of the portrait but on the bottom it has a cracked phone screen or a broken phone with big letters Spelling goodbye and good riddance. I think this album cover is a good representation because if you listen to the song on the album it’s about how girl broke his heart with occasional phone call from her And one of the calls and talks about how she cheated on him which is probably why he threw the phone out of the window of the car dude to anger.

  10. Logan Miller says:

    The album that I have chosen is The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem. This album was released on
    May 23, 2000 and produced by Dr.Dre and Eminem. Some of the songs in the album are about his life growing up, issues with his mother and fights with his girlfriend, Kim. When the album was released it caused controversy because of the lyrics and content. I feel that this was Eminem’s way of expressing himself and in a way his own therapy. In the album he writes songs that talk about sucide, depression, alcohol and drug abuse. When you listen to the songs and lyrics that Eminem wrote, you can tell he was in a lot of pain. Two years later he released the album The Eminem Show. The songs in this album showed that Eminem was in a different place in his life. He wrote about forgiveness, his daughter Hailey and Cleanin Out My Closet. The Marshall Mathers LP cover resembles him being trapped inside mentally and physically. The Eninem Show cover reflects him at peace.

  11. Hannah Zapiecki says:

    Adam, Jack, and Ryan, the founding members of AJR. This band of brothers started out back in 2005, but didn’t gain too much popularity until 2012, when they released a song about, wait for it, Spongebob. With this small bit of background it’s important to know that these guys produce all of their music in their shared apartment in New York, and every sound produced is wildly original. Taking everyday noises, such as the dropping of a set of keys, and morphing it into a hit song. Oddly specific, I know, but this is precisely how they developed the introduction song on their most recent album released on the 26th of April in 2019. The record features twelve tracks, including an intro and outro, which set the tone for the album, as well as wrap it up quite expertly. So much so that when the album is on loop, the final song transitions perfectly back into the first. These songs use the same orchestrated melodies to round off the edges of the melodramatic tunes wrapped in happy-go-lucky rhythms. While the songs found on the album are composed of upbeat trumpet, piano, and guitar tones, when you look into the lyrics, you find a bit more depth.
    Anyway, enough about the album itself, the cover art you’ll find when searching for this album is a playful illustration of the three brothers, sitting atop a keyboard detailed with other common instruments. Behind them is a sky, filled with similar figures of instruments. It’s a beautiful image really, but the characters representing the brothers are displayed with unhappy faces. The perfect representation of the underlying depth and melancholy of the brightly appearing image.
    Find it here on spotify-

    • Logan Miller says:

      The album that I have chosen is The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem. This album was released on
      May 23, 2000 and produced by Dr.Dre and Eminem. Some of the songs in the album are about his life growing up, issues with his mother and fights with his girlfriend, Kim. When the album was released it caused controversy because of the lyrics and content. I feel that this was Eminem’s way of expressing himself and in a way his own therapy. In the album he writes songs that talk about sucide, depression, alcohol and drug abuse. When you listen to the songs and lyrics that Eminem wrote, you can tell he was in a lot of pain. Two years later he released the album The Eminem Show. The songs in this album showed that Eminem was in a different place in his life. He wrote about forgiveness, his daughter Hailey and Cleanin Out My Closet. The Marshall Mathers LP cover resembles him being trapped inside mentally and physically. The Eninem Show cover reflects him at peace.

  12. Brayden Lyons says:

    An album that really stood out to me was UZI’s Eternal Atake. Which I feel the albums artwork works perfectly with the way that the beats of the song are and just the whole tone of the album which has him going through a whole story. The cover the alum has people standing on the moon while looking at the Earth while an alien ship fly’s toward it. The title of the album suggests that the albums gonna seem very futuristic. The album makes me have a good time while doing whatever i’m doing. Plus the album is in the genre of rap pr hip-hop. In my opinion , I like this album and believe that his music is good for when your feeling down or when you are in a good mood and want to have a fun time. Especially Eternal Atake Deluxe. In conclusion, I think the art and the album works well to together.

  13. Maddie Orwig says:

    For my album I chose Morbid Stuff by PUP. When it comes to a punk album based entirely around the comprehensive mental, physical, and financial toll of touring for two years where the only reward was to do it all over again. Morbid stuff ended up being a cry for freedom from anger. It’s intense and liberating, and the perfect successor from their past two albums which had a much more mellow feel. The album cover for PUP’s third album is perfect for the theme of the album. The album cover depicts the four members blindfolded holding knives playing musical chairs with yellow grunge style smiley face balloons. The art of the album really gives off punk vibes and really shows the genre of PUP’s music, while the soft pastel color scheme helps the album feel a lot less angry. Overall I feel everything about this album is exciting and it all ties itself together perfectly. PUP is a call to anyone who enjoys music that helps them feel free despite the stress of everyday life. I recommend everyone listens to it.

  14. Ian Heyne says:

    I’ve been listening to two albums since we’ve been in quarantine. I have Lauv’s new album “How I’m Feeling ” on repeat. I’m also listening to Harry Styles new album “Fine Line,” but I’m only digging some of the songs such as: Falling, Adore You, Watermelon sugar, and Golden. All these songs made me start dancing or getting into a mood. Lauv’s album is amazing and every song made me feel some emotion. I feel that the songs in “How I’m Feeling” resonate with me a lot and what I’ve been through. As the album stems from mental health and how Lauv has coped with negative thoughts. I think other people would feel the same after listening to his album. The design of Harry Styles album is ok, but I don’t see What the message is behind it. Although, I believe that Harry Styles is coming into his own artistry and I think he will excel from now on. The design of Lauv’s album is very good because it shows his emotions personified and I can see how it relates to mental health. You guys should check out their albums!

  15. hilda ismail says:

    An album that I came to choose was J.coles album 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Although I don’t listen to it as often as I would listen to other albums, it’s an album that brings back a lot of memories and hits a certain spot in my soul that no other album has done. The cover is not much of an artwork factor but is more of photography. The music mainly deals with his life as he was growing up such as thoughts, situations, and feelings he had but not directly; and by that I mean some artist tell their stories dead on, not j.cole. The title of the album was a smart idea considering it was the name of his childhood street; along with that, j.cole sitting on top of his childhood house. At first glance I wouldn’t be able to dictate the purpose of the imagery being used. Coming to find out why he was sitting on a house and why the album was named what it was, then made me realize it was a smart way to convey the purpose on his album. He could’ve been placed anywhere in that house but to be placed on top to “oversee” everything made sense. Now famous, sitting on top of his childhood, he could reflect on everything. I look at it as a king of his past. Although the music contains a lot of explicit content that some adults may not like, its raw in feelings and a mindset. Its the culture.

  16. Ava Cappelletty says:

    One album I could never live without is Ariana grandes “thank you next” album. Her songs talk about serious topics such as self love and breakups. Her music speaks to girls my age and tells them not to change for anyone. She is a very strong and confident woman and cares for all of her fans. My favorite song of hers in that album is actually thank you, next. Cause it talks about all her past breakups and how she knows things will get better. She explains how even if they didn’t work out in the end she still cares for them and wants the best for them. She also explains how to take time for yourself when your feeling bad and practice self care cause you are just as important. That’s why Ariana is a inspiration for many girls and boys.

  17. Brittany Sieja says:

    One album I could never live without is BTS album Love yourself her. There songs talk about how you should love yourself and how that you shouldn’t put yourself down. Also it could inspire boys and girls. One thing is that they’re Korean but here’s the thing. They actually have some meaning message into their lyrics. BTS also explains of what those lyrics are important and so that we should never stop loving ourselves. Once you listen to it I think you’ll like it even though you won’t get the message right away but they are an inspiration to me and I think other girls or boys might find it too. Lastly BTS wants you to feel important to everyone and not left out so that’s why I chose this album.

  18. One Album I could never live without is Nothing, Nowhere “Bummer” Album. This album explains his childhood, something I can relate to. The Album explains how his life went and how exactly how he feels. It’s not for everyone obviously. I’m not sure if It’s for all ages, I wouldn’t recommend it. This album explains how his childhood went and how everything was so wrong, It’s not the happiest music. However, I can explain the cover of the music. The Cover looks like, A little boy and an older girl sitting on a rock by the water, there are trees around them and bushes. It looks like there staring at the water, looking about how peaceful it is. Therefore, I’ve always listened to this guy, I look up to him and I can relate to him. Again, It’s not exactly for everyone, but always learn everyone has there own music taste, and what they want to listen to. All the music, in the album inspires me, or I love. It’s something I can relate it. Therefore, that’s my explaination on my responses. Thank you.

  19. Savannah Kowalinski says:

    The album I have chosen is Crybaby by Melanie Martinez. The artwork on the album cover represents exactly what the song will be about. The songs tell serious topics in a child-like manner. On the cover there is the singer Melanie Martinez resting her hand on her hand, her body is half there, half of her body being covered by a cloud that is raining. The cloud seems to be flooding a small neighborhood. In the background the sky seems to be pink with cloud-like textures. The word Crybaby is in the background made to look like blue letter balloons. She always works with child-like colors and themes and I believe she does this to hide the darker meanings. I believe the artwork on the album fits with all of her songs. Melanie’s generes in this album is: Pop music, Art Pop, Electropop, Alternative Rock, and Indie Pop. Her songs in this album communicate a story about her bad experiences in her childhood. So the design of her album fits along with her thoughts and feelings towards her songs and the messages she tried to show through her work.

  20. Mackenzie says:

    Mine was The Cry baby Album by Melanie Martinez. What she trying to say is that everything that we saw as for kids always has a dark side. There are many examples of this like a dollhouse but it pulls things out like how she sees things from the doll’s perspective and says things in her life aren’t as perfect as we make them out to be. The carousel is for one-sided love. Tag you’re it simulates a kidnapping. Pacify her is for a love triangle. Mrs. potato head is simulating a lot of plastic surgery for someone to not lose interest in them. The song cake is for a love that started to drift on one side. Mad hatter is a girl losing her mind. Alphabet boy is a bully who thinks he is better than her. The pity party is for a girl who only had fake friends. Cry baby is one bully-victim talking to another just like her.

  21. vincent says:

    Funnily enough, I actually did dust off my record collection for this. For this assignment, I chose an album of the traditional pop genre. This album was “I’VE GOTTA BE ME”, by Sammy Davis Jr. The album art shows Sammy Davis with his eyes closed, smiling and dancing in a wildly patterned, warm-toned shirt, with quite a few unique beaded necklaces. As for the background, its a solid baby blue. Above all of this, the text is arranged with his name above the song title in white, and above that, the word ‘stereo’ in a light yellow. There also appears to be a small yellow circle to the right with a 4 digit number below it, an ‘R’ in the middle with two circles between the serifs, and a box parallel to the circles with the letter ‘W’. I believe this album art does a fantastic job of portraying what the album is like. The album cover gives me feelings of joy, indulgence, love, kindness, and richness. When I listen to the album, I feel relaxed, happy, and ready to get some work done, and maybe even dance! Anyways, this album is very nice and you should give it a listen!


  22. Anderson says:

    This album is amazing and hits just the right note right now. I would highly encourage you to look into and more importantly listen to this album.

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