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Take a few minutes to read the attached interview with one of my favorite designers Matthew W. Moore. After you finish the interview, take a few minutes to look at the work on Moore’s website. What are some adjectives that you would use to describe his style? How does Moore’s aesthetic affect the type of commercial work (commissions) that he receives? What projects on his website resonated with you? Please use at least 200 words and please be specific and articulate.
Matt W. Moore Interview
Matt W. Moore Graphics

  1. Jordan Swartz says:

    I would describe his work as colorful, futuristic, bold. It affects it because people who asks for that kind of design go to him for it because he does design similar. The designs that resonated with me were the bright colorful. They were beautiful designs that I loved to look at. They made me feel good. They were great designs that I could look at all day. They were designs that could look good on anything. T-shirts, billboards, walls, and other things. They were designs that made me want to do stuff. They were great designs that I felt could become great art pieces for some art collector.

  2. Hannah Green says:

    I would describe his work as bright, bold, and colorful. The pieces that I was looking at had bright and bold colors and if you were just walking and were able to see one of his works of art it wouldn’t go unnoticed. Moore’s aesthetic works for him because if a company has bright and bold colors then his type of work would be something that could be a possibility. His work stands out because of his aesthetic. One of his works of out that stood out to me was from his cityscape series and it is a design of CAnal st martin in Paris. The reason why I love this is that it so different compared to his other works of art. It is simple but bold and that what I love about his works of art. Another thing that I love about this is that they show you his sketch before he adds color to his design. All of his works are AMAZING because you can see the time, energy, and commitment that he had to have in order to make his pieces amazing. All of his art that I saw was very pleasing to look at and I think I will be adding him to my list pf Designers that I like/Love.

  3. Connor Orns says:

    I would describe Moore’s work as very bright, stands out very well, and very colorful. The art work of Moore’s that I saw were standing out very good, and were bright and colorful, such as the fish or the fruits. The work that I mentioned which are the fruits and the fish, those are aesthetic pieces of art because, if you click on them he didn’t just make it a one and done he did multiple pieces of art for the same thing and tried different colors and then from their he chose which one was best. Moore’s work is also aesthetic because if you go into a museum, your definitely are going to see his work, because doesn’t really use dark and depressing colors, he mainly used bright colorful colors, the point is I’m saying Moore’s work does a good job of catching someones eye. The work that Moore did that stood with me are probably the fish, the fruits, and luggage bags that had a blue and black design on them. The three I chose that stood with me stood with me because it shows the design process, and that he could have chose the easy way out, but instead he chose the hard way out, which explains why his work is so good. Overall, I think that Moore is a very good artist, and he has a lot of good things ahead of him for his future.

  4. Aiden Schultz says:

    I would describe Moore’s work as geometric, complex, and an illusion effect to his artwork. The photos from the interview and the official website, a lot of the work looks brightly colored and complex. The aesthetic commercial work that he receives looks as if Moore thinks more sharp and three-dimensional. A lot of his work seems like art that is a part of the wall, clothing, or canvas, rather than being flat and sleek. The work also looks very active and always screams for attention. As I look at a lot of his work, he uses symmetrical and asymmetrical mediums. The black and white art shows that he does not need 20 other colors to make a beautiful, satisfying, active art piece. The specific pieces of art that speaks to me are the black & white art work. I feel this way because the two colors work together so well, it looks like it is vintage and authentic. If Moore turned all of his art into black & white, it would still look great. Even his collaboration pieces would look appealing enough to the public eye. If I had to choose another, I would pick his typography. I feel as if the type is the same as his art but not as geometric, but more active.

  5. Chasity Venia says:

    I would describe Moore’s work very colorful, bright, and complex. He uses many shapes and many different colors. It seems like Mr. Moore uses fish fruit, and shapes. It seems like every single picture Mr.Moore uses is the color yellow, there is a lot of yellow. However, If you scroll down a bit more, there are some black and white colors on a picture. along, with shapes. His work seems very complex. Highly nicely done. These colors are extremely colorful and bright and they bring a lot of happiness and colors. There very active and nice bright colors and It seems I like Mr. Moore work as well. It seems like Mr. Moore uses numbers and letters as well. He uses rainbow colors and very active and nice colors. His artwork seems very abstract, like he takes his time but he tends to use a lot of colors. However, there is nothing wrong with color, at all. Mr. Moore art seems extremely aesthetic and, aesthetically pleasing to look at. Therefore, I highly enjoy this type of artwork and it’s extremely colorful and bright and very much alot of shapes. It contains alot of bright colors.

  6. Ava Cappelletty says:

    I would describe Moore’s work as colorful,vibrant,fun,strange,and fitting. He uses shapes for his wonderful pieces and sort of makes patterns with the colors he uses. His style is very strange but fitting in some way. Like how he puts the shapes together and the colors he likes to use. His aesthetic is not so common, using optical illusions is something not a lot of artist use in pieces. My pieces from him that I do enjoy is when he includes animals and fruits in them. It is a cool play on the animals by changing their shapes an even their colors. For example, the fish painting. some of its features are exaggerated and somewhat silly. But it fits with the very vibrant rainbow color scheme. he seems to take good pride in his work and that is an amazing thing to have In an artist. That is what I think about his work.

  7. kassandra McWilliams says:

    Moore’s work, in my opinion, would be described as colorful, bold, well detailed, unique, and I feel as though it’s well thought out. Mr. Moore’s work for commercials seems well put together, shaped, and balanced. His colors in his work just make them pop and look more creative. Some projects that stood out to me are the Nike Running, Hersey, Brazil Olympics 2016, and the sticks and bricks collection. I said the Nike Running because he created something that fit Nike’s brand and made it look different with a twist of one of a kind. I picked the Brazil Olympics 2016 because I would have never thought his work or style would’ve been something that they would want to use to sponsor them. I looked at his Hersey collection because it surprised me, piqued my interest and when I looked into it his work blew my mind and made me realize how skilled he was. A piece of work that acquired my attention from the sticks and bricks collection is the one that has a black background and uses both positive and negative space, but this one is different compared to his other work because it doesn’t use bright colors and the colors are switched.

  8. Ian Heyne says:

    I would describe Moore’s work as colorful, bold, intricate, eccentric, and geometrical. After reading his interview, I was drawn into his designs and I love the aesthetic of his work. As it made me feel happy and inspired to create a unique design with similar complexity. I also thought that Moore’s colorful designs were really well thought out as the colors worked well, and it seems as though he knows what shapes and colors work to create something amazing. I feel that his aesthetic affects the commercial work that he receives in a good way. I can picture his design aesthetic being used in ads for known consumer brand companies and on packages. I can also imagine his designs being used for sports events, entertainment industry, and on the side of coffee shops. I can imagine these things because his designs are intricate, vibrant, and so intricate that it gets your attention. I could look at his designs all day and not get bored. I also feel that if you walk along the street and came across one of his designs it wouldn’t be unnoticed, which that is why I think big brand companies would want him to create a design for them. So that they would have more people intrigued to their brand. The designs on his page that resonate with me are the black and white designs, the colorful design of the man with sunglasses, and the NFL designs. They resonate with me because I am drawn into those design the most, and they are cool designs that are complex, yet pleasing to look at. Also there’s a lot of detail that it’s interesting every time I look at them.

  9. Savannah Kowalinski says:

    I would describe Moore’s work as colorful, bold, geometrical, bold, and bizarre. The graphics I looked at were all bright and bold and just made me feel happy looking at them. His style is very abnormal yet very appealing to the eye. The shapes and colors he puts together all seem to fit together which you wouldn’t normally expect. His aesthetic is not something that’s very common with artists, like the way he uses optical illusions in his artworks. All of Moore’s designs are all thought out, to the shapes and designs he uses, to the colors he chooses to use. In all his work he tries to use all the colors he can possibly use, the main color I saw in most of his designs being yellow. The ones that really stood out to me was when Moore did art of animals and fruit. These stood out to me because it shows that he put a lot of effort into his art, he could’ve taken the easy way out of it but he didn’t. All of his colorful pieces are full of color, there’s no empty spaces anywhere. And even in his black and white pieces he manages to fill every part of the piece. All of his work stands out and with each piece that is supposed to be something, you can tell what the object is with no confusion. Overall, I believe that Moore is a really good artist and has a bright and colorful future ahead of him.

  10. Nick Van Sant says:

    The way i would describe his work would be that it can be very colorful and vibrant or very monochromatic. His work can grab an audience’s eyes very easily because of how much it pops and stands out. His work can also be used just about anywhere because of how simple or geometrical it might be and it would be easily recognizable. The designs that mainly stood out to me were more of the monochromatic designs because I personally enjoy doing and seeing artwork that has a use of one color and multiple shades. One of his series that i enjoyed looking at was the Wildlife series because of how monochromatic it is. Three of my favorites in that series would be the red lobster, red beetle, and the blue fish. This is mainly because of how easily they stand out from the more dark or lighter background in the image. The one from these three I particularly like the most is the lobster because it has a really dark background and the brights of the lobster stick out so much and makes it look bright and easily noticeable. Overall, his designs are very geometrical, colorful, and nicely done all at the same time.

  11. maddie orwig says:

    Moore’s work in my opinion is very geometrical and aesthetically pleasing. His designs are either very colorful, monochromatic, or they are black and white. His designs can be very easily seen with how complex they are and how bright and colorful they pop out at you. A few of the designs that popped out to me was the blue fish, green turtle and red lobster from the Wildlife Series and some of the astronomy artwork from the Science and Space Series. The main reason the blue fish stuck out to me was because i really like aquatic life and also because it reminds me of my fish tank at home. The other artwork that stuck out to me was the space aspect from the other series mentioned. This is because I’m really interested in the study of astronomy. Lastly, another series that stuck out to me was the Adventure series and this is because it is very chaotic and there is a lot going on all in just one art piece. i like this because it gives you a lot to look at and there is not one main object to look at, it keeps the audience really intrigued with the piece. Overall, i really like the artwork that Moore does and it keeps me intrigued.

  12. Jose Rivera says:

    The way I would describe his work is t is very creative and colorful. It has a sorta cool yet it fits the work he’s doing which is the way on how it’s made which will capture the viewers eye. You can see this design being in the background of a commercial or on a shirt or even a product label. The shapes and color seem to fit well with the work he made which not all the time artist do. You can tell he took his time and thought out what he was gong to do with this very good piece of work he made. The one that stood out the most to me was the Infinity not theory. The way the art looks makes it look like illusion. If you were to take it and add effects to it you would definitely think of a illusion. All his art works are good and I enjoyed looking at them.

  13. Sage Wilson says:

    I would describe Moore’s work as colorful, geometric, abstract, bright, and bold. I feel like not many people go for the aesthetic that he goes for, which is what makes his work so different and unique. His designs are all very eye-catching and they make you want to pay attention to them. Because of how bright and bold his work is, everyone notices it no matter what it’s on or how it’s presented. This would make more people see and like his work and more people would want to commission him. I really liked a lot of his work. I like work with a lot of colors, which is exactly what the majority of his work is. My favorite works are the ones with the fruit. You can tell what each piece is supposed to be, but they each have their own abstract spin on them. All the colors he uses look nice together- sometimes there is a color scheme with similar colors, sometimes he uses multiple shades of one color, and other times he uses completely different colors with a bright contrast. I really enjoyed looking through all of his work that I hope to be able to make one day.

  14. Hilda Ismail says:

    Some words that I would use describe Mathew W. Moore’s artwork would be that his work is color based including the focus on lines, shapes, and patterns. His aesthetics attract many people because of how bold his work is (very eye catching) and very pleasing to the eye which ultimately gets work wanting to be done by people who want their product, business, facilities, etc. to get noticed. His work could ultimately belong anywhere that wants to catch someones eye. One of his pieces that resonate with me the most is the work he did for the NFL tigers team. It really caught my eye because of the way he used his style to come up with a solution that included the primary focus of patterns that was clean, well composed, and very eye catching. Not only that, but using lines and shapes in a way that makes sense. His choice of color was also a factor that caught my eyes. The selection was a smart use and it’s not overwhelming with unnecessary color and put in all the right places. His unique style and thinking within his work makes sense as to why he is as successful as he is.

  15. Logan Miller says:

    I would describe Moore’s work as unique, colorful, sharp, bold and very creative. I am impressed with Moore’s thought process on how he comes up with some of the designs, patterns, shapes and colors. I can see businesses from the west coast being very interested in Moore’s work. His color and patterns would be popular on snowboards, surf boards, streets of San Francisco and high class business and restaurants. The wall designs appear to be mazes in a fun house at a carnival or the upside down house at Imagination Station. Some of my favorite pieces were of the more simple patterns like on the walls and bike but my favorite was seeing it on clothing and shoes. The look is unique and one of a kind. Coming up with such creative designs would bring great offers from big businesses and a demand to be the first to wear this unique look. Companies like Nike, Adidias and Puma have celebraties and athletes promote new attire and shoes. Moore’s designs would bring even more attention and businesses more success. Looking at all these different pieces of artwork, makes me look at buildings, walls with murals and even graffiti on trains differently.

  16. Hannah Zapiecki says:

    The first words that came to my head when I saw Moore’s work were abstract, complex, as well as diverse. When it comes to the commissions he is presented with these qualities are probably a blessing as well as a curse. Moore’s work is definitely very playful and pleasing to the eye, most would enjoy looking at what he has to offer. Which is perfect while creating murals, branding, advertisements and installations, types of projects I would imagine Moore is primarily presented with. But in regards to the playful aspects and bizarre compositions, it is very unlikely that Moore is often presented with business oriented or melancholy commissions, rappelling more serious companies or any work on professionally appearing imagery. Along with this, I would also assume that Moore is doing very little classical or realistic work, so no one seeking intricate portraits of their families are knocking on his door. When looking through Moore’s website, the “Cityscape Series” really popped out to me and stuck in my head. Not only that but while looking deeper into it, it made me laugh a bit. This vector image contains a wide variety of colors, making up a corner store somewhere in New York City. Composed primarily of line work and text, on the windows the type displays many different goods and services that could be found within the entirety of the city. This image stuck with me because I feel like this one small store is representing the entire city. The diversity, the flashy-ness(is that a word?), even down to the crowded streets, shown by the fact that there is no one spot in that image where something isn’t going on. But, this only adds to the complexity and visual appeal.

  17. Brittany Sieja says:

    The way I would describe his work is interesting because he used all types of colors to make other people think why did he choose this. Another way is that Moore might of thought of grafitti and thought of to do a way like this. Also he probably wants other people to think if it’s good art or good enough to show to other people. What I think is that he used a lot of colors to make the art truly inspiring to him or to others that think will like his art. Lastly another way I would describe it is that he chose to do it this way because he wanted to do something that maybe would inspire people or thinking that they like his art.

  18. Brittany Sieja says:

    I would describe Moore’s art very bold, colorful, and it reminds me of how people dressed or looked like in the 80’s. These colors also remind me of different movies and TV shows that also portray the 80’s lifestyle. For example things like The Breakfast Club and Stranger Things show these similar colors in what people wear and how different sets look. Also these colors aren’t all over the place and it sticks to one certain theme. Another thing I would describe it is it totally looks bizarre and it doesn’t look complex to look at it. Moore’s aesthetic affects the type of commercial commission is that he did something that would maybe attract visitors to come and look at this piece of art. The projects that he did that resonates with me is the ray bands glasses art and the blanket that has a different design with black and white colors. Moore’s art can be truly inspiring to others and his art could be famous around the world. Lastly Moore’s art is a great example of art because it doesn’t look complex of what other pieces of art looks like. Another reason would be is this art could be displayed on walls, buildings, or even in museums.`

  19. Mackenzie says:

    I like how he uses a lot of color and shape in his pieces it is insane how good he is. The illusions are crazy, the colors pop, and the shapes create movement. He is so out here with his artwork and creativity. His work can light up a room and fill it with life, there is no denial there. Along with the street art he has done he has also done websites, bikes, shoes, cars, stairs, skateboards, bookbags, computer bags, and surfboards, there isn’t a thing in this world he hasn’t done he has even got statues of his art don’t get me started on the google logos he has done and published to the public. Along with his solo art pieces he also has collaborations he has done as well like to stores and brands

  20. Ja' Von Grier says:

    I would describe his artwork very colorful, loophole, twist-and-turn, razor sharp, bold, etc. It affects commercial work because because it has so much color and illusion to the painting and you wouldn’t even know what’s happening. Some of his projects that resonated me was his basketball court artwork, the fish, the clockwork lobster artwork and the skull project.

  21. vincent says:

    Some adjectives I would use to describe Matthew’s work is geometric, bold, inspiring, and illusory. His work had me smiling the whole time i was looking at it! I’m mesmerized and perplexed by how he makes his work, with all the twists, turns, patterns and colors. All of these things can affect his commercial work, but that isn’t a bad thing in the slightest. His work is just stunning, there’s so much spirit in it, and i’d love to see how he actually creates some of his pieces. One of his works that resonated with me is VECTORFUNK: Knot Theory. When I look at it, i think about two of my favorite crystals- malachite and ocean jasper. ocean jasper and malachite both have that almost radial color change, and both for some reason, give me a sense of calming, just like knot theory.

  22. wesley Jackson says:

    I would describe his work colorful and interesting because he used all colors to make other people think what and why did he choose this. You can tell he took his time and thought out what he was going to do with this very good piece of work he made. He seems to take good pride in his work and that is an amazing thing to have In an artist. He make all his work in color and it’s like everyone is a new and better look of colors. all of his work is so cool that every one of are something different. That is was I think about his designs.

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