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Take a few minutes to watch a brief video about color theory using the link below. After you watch the video, visit Behance (link below) and locate a professional designer and design that emphasizes color. Select an image that you think is successful and identify the color scheme that the designer chose (for example analogous, monochromatic, etc.) and explain/defend the color choices that the designer made. Make sure you consider the audience, message, and tone of the image that you choose. Finally, make sure your post is at least 200 words long and that you include a copy of the image you chose with your post below.

Beginning Color – Color Theory

  1. The colors on the design are yellow, purple, black. These colors contrast with each other and make a good design. They force you to look at the colors because of the contrast and are therefore a great design because they draw you into the design. They aren’t monochromatic and they aren’t analogous. However they are a unique design that draws the viewer into the design. They are a great design.

  2. Matt Schmaus says:

    To me the yellow is what I look at first then my eyes go to the purple hands on each side even though the yellow side is strong I’m staring at the black side because it carries its own weight in a way but the with the hands the black side pops more and the yellow is subtle with the purple hands it’s a unique balance in a weird way.

  3. Anderson says:

    Jordan this is a good start, but your comment needs to identify the color scheme the designer used, describe why the colors are appropriate for the design (audience, message, etc), and be at least 200 words. So as I look at this image that you selected I’m curious why they chose to use hyper-saturated colors as opposed to desaturated color? Think! Don’t settle. – Anderson

  4. Chasity Venia says:

    The Color’s in this design are very Gloomy. Very Scary, and a bit furious? This picture/art kind of gives me anxiety. It’s very intimidating. The picture has a person in the middle of the artwork, there are trees surrounding the person and it looks like it’s foggy outside, that gives it more of a scary look. However, the person in the middle of the picture is standing on a hill, the person is spreading it’s arms a little. This picture looks Se metrical. It kind of looks like the picture has the same things on it and the same looks, there just flipped around. Like, the trees look the game, there just photo shopped to make it look like the trees are the same just in different directions. If you folded the paper up and down you should have the same picture. That’s what makes this picture so interesting. It’s very gloomy outside giving it a nice look, making it scary and it makes you seem like if you were in that situation you would run for your life. Interesting huh? It seems like there is some grass on the ground with some tall flowers and very long grass. There are not actually leafs on the trees there more like a pine. You know that pine that falls off trees and stays on the ground? Yeah that. The picture is black and white and grays and a bit of green. There isn’t a lot of bright colors and that’s what makes this picture so interesting. Therefore, that’s my explanation on this photo that I’ve chose.

  5. Matt Schmaus says:

    I really like this picture because it’s calm and almost relaxing and reminds me of a game I used to play it looks similar and gives the same tone I like the cartoon look of the picture as well and the colors are bright and gives off good energy and yet it’s soothing to look at.

  6. Kuo-Cheng LIAO is a designer and the colors he used were black, purple, and yellow. He used complementary colors in this piece along with black to tie the whole design together. LIAO’s design works with its colors because the black adds depth to the other colors that are being used. The colors help the design stand out more than if it was just black and white This was also the color of what team Kobe played on. In this design, there is also the Nike symbol which is a brand of shoe that Kobe wore. These colors also work because they complement each other and they create a sense of meaning towards Kobe Bryant. Kuo-Cheng LIAO’s design was in honor of Kobe Bryant. Kobe was an inspiration to all including Kuo-Cheng LIAO. Mr.LIAO himself does inspiring work, but this design stood out the most because it had meaning and a lot of thought being added to it. Kuo-Cheng’s colors provide a greater understanding of how powerful colors can be and how just dialing back the colors a bit can make the design soar. This design not only uses color well but it also makes an impression that will forever be an inspiration to all.

  7. Hannah Green says:

    The colors in this design are bright, neon, and bursting out with color. This piece of work stood out to me because it is very eye-catching which is what the artist was probably aiming for. The work that he made is very pleasing to look at. The contrasting black background was an amazing choice for what he was doing because it just makes everything pop out even more and grabs your attention. The neon color is bright and vivid which makes them very hard to not have them grabs your attention. I really do love this piece because it is something that captures your attention. I think that ha made the best choice possible for his colors because I think if he were to have just regular primary/secondary colors it would have taken the true beauty of this place away. I love the neon color against the background. His other work in this collection was the same things, a flower, black background, and neon colors coming out from behind and I just love it because of the choices he made! Love this collection

  8. Aiden Schultz says:

    Charlie Davis is the creator of this design. The design was created in Photoshop. The colors used are yellow, blue, purple, and white. Davis used complementary colors and the usage of white. The reason for these colors are to show the cold climates of winter and the red orange/yellow pelt that a fox has. A moon can be seen to show that foxes are sometimes nocturnal. The transitions of the different colors have a paint brush type gradient to the foxes pelt. As I look at this design more and more, I begin to have connections to other objects. Such as, the fox looks like it is being shown as an infrared entity. The two trees that are present directs the viewer’s attention to the brightly colored object. I believe that the design is successful because it shows a good representation of what a fox’s climate is. I also see a connection to the Firefox logo and this illustration is similar because it has similar colors and has more texture than the Firefox icon. Overall, I really love this art piece and how it is portrayed in Photoshop well. I am fascinated that this was not made in illustrator.

  9. Connor Orns says:

    My picture is Darth Vader with half of his helmet on and half of his helmet off, with Tie Fighters, Tie Interceptors, the Death Star, and the Millennium Falcon at the bottom of the picture. The picture is also by Anthony Petrie. Anyway the picture is dark and vibrate at least this is the saturation and value. This piece of art work stood out to me like a sore thumb because I love Star Wars and the colors were were piercing through my soul, and in my opinion I think its interesting that Petrie had half of the helmet on and half of the helmet off, with star ships in the background. The picture could have caught my attention because the black and orange are contrasting, the orange really caught my attention because its a color that is suppose to catch your attention. I think that Petrie made a good choice with his colors because they go together so well with the orange being the secondary color and the black being the primary color. The audience is definitely for people who love Star Wars like myself, or people who like complex work who bright colors like this, and people who like vehicles since this picture like star fighters. The message is Darth Vader and his rise with the Galactic Empire. The tone is in between happiness and sadness.

  10. Ian Heyne says:

    Julien Rico Jr is the creator of this design. He’s a French graphic designer and poster artist located in Rennes, France. He designed three posters that when put side by side create a cohesive and interesting image. The colors he used are monochromatic. Each poster has a dark to light saturation starting from the bottom of the poster to the top. I love every detail that he added in the values of each character and even the surrounding of the characters. He also has complementary colors in the design. I like how he made two posters all monochromatic and the middle poster complementary with the blue and orange. He used the orange as an accent color to bring value or make some of the words in the title pop out. It’s very interesting that in the first Poster he made the rock or cliff that Captain American and Tony Stark are standing on flows into Captain America’s shield in the second poster. Additionally, how Ant- Man’s leg flows into the shield, which made each poster cohesive put together. I also like that the whole design is active and gives me a feeling of action and movement. The focal point I believe is the shield and Captain America as it draws my attention every time I look at the whole design. Another interesting detail is that the colors flow from each poster and looks like the third poster’s sunset feel flows into the middle poster with the orange highlights. Also the way that the middle poster has a darker hue from the others that have a brighter hue helps me to focus on that poster. Overall, I think all the colors are excellent, flow well, and are balanced throughout the whole design. Also the whole design looks unified and grabs the attention of the audience. As a Marvel fan I can really appreciate all the details and elements used in this design to represent the Captain America trilogy.

  11. Ava Cappelletty says:

    I chose this image because of how simple it is but how it also catches your eyes. You see in the image it is mostly red and a cream like color. It’s quite pretty and goes easy of your eyes. It’s clear they used monochromatic colors because of how it is mostly only one color. Also the symmetry is very unique. It is identical on both sides almost like if you put a big mirror next to it. As you can see it is two men (one but looks like there is two men) holding up a bottle of liquid in there hands they seems to be working at a bar due to so many alcoholic drinks there seems to be. Most of the image is like straight lines nothing is out of place except for the red and cream designs in the background. The resemble many different shapes but manage to still be identical on both sides. Too me that really makes the piece. It adds a little bit of fun to the photo making it more eye catching and pretty.

  12. Brittany Sieja says:

    Vincent Van Gogh is the artist of this painting. The colors that were used in the painting were bright colors like yellow and green for instance. Another reason would be he added these colors because he wanted to do something that goes with a certain theme. For example, summer would be a good one because it represents the sun flowers and also the sun goes with it too. Van Gogh also uses a rectangular color scheme including all sorts of different colors. What I like about his art is that he made it to let people look at it and tell him of what they think of it. Another reason is why I like it because it’s beautiful and it’s not distracting. You can just tell what it is by just looking at it. He also used this color scheme because he wanted to show something that looked natural and not filled with random colors. It also gives out a bright value of colors that shows it looks like a good piece of art. Lastly the reason why I like his art because it looks interesting and it makes me wanna look at it like it something and I can show it to other people to know this is not a distracting piece of art.

  13. Savannah Kowalinski says:

    I chose this image because of how simple yet eye-catching which is what the artist was most likely going for. This image really stood out to me because of the colors they used, it was interesting to me. You see that the colors in this design are consisting of purples and reds. The purples and reds are all different shades, hues, and saturation, so it’s obvious that they used contrasting colors and it seems that they also used monochromatic colors as well. There also seems to be a bit of yellow in the design. I love that in this image most of it seems to be all different shades and hues of purple but also with different hues and shades or reds, that really stood out to me. The colors in this image are all light and soft which make it easy to look at. This image seems to give off an adventurous vibe since the girl in the middle is wearing bandages and is carrying a sword. All of the designs in Vals _ work seem to have a similar pattern that makes it appealing to the eye. All of their work seems to be simple yet detailed. It continues the theme of using contrasting colors but in different shades, hues, and saturation.

  14. Mackenzie says:

    The artist was using complementary colors different shades of purple as the main color and harvest yellow for shading. It adds a slight golden hue changing the mood to a more of an action laced mood. The yellow also emphasizes the purple along with the shared shapes. The sunset vibe you get is quite obvious as the “hero?” is walking away, the major victories are usually celebrated with a sunrise or a sunset in most movies and shows. The heroism is felt by me just looking at it. It is perfectly balanced and gorgeous to look at as you can tell that the player just won and walking away from the game. Fortnight is about winning as is most games now. s/he is highlighting that idea of victory with the colors and how they are arranged, the create a sense of gain and power along with strength. It is not that surprising if you truly look at it, it’s all there the emphasis, shape, color, balance, and a small color pallet to add balance and emphasize on what is there. The heart is broken and it is seen through the darker shade and the small color change

  15. Logan Miller says:

    The painting I chose is by Denis Gonchar. This painting is of two soccer players attacking the soccer ball. The picture caught my eye first because I love soccer. Another reason why is the color scheme used in this setting. Denis Gonchar used the triadic color formula to really bring out the details in this painting. The yellow serves as a background color to bring out the intensity of the reddish orange uniform. The blue stripe in the uniform is a huge contrast against the yellow. The green at the bottom of the soccer cleat stands out as he’s about to win the ball. The stars on the soccer ball share all the colors in the painting and outline the white ball. The light green stripes appear to look like fast lighting bolts supporting the soccer player in the blue pinstripe uniform. The dark contrast of the soccer player’s head shows the detail of the soccer player getting ready to go head first in the ball. Finally the pink design in the background reminds me of the base of the world cup trophy. This painting screams intensity and excitement. Denis Gonchar was able to express the dramatic scene in this painting using the color pattern triadic.

  16. Hannah Zapiecki says:

    Blues, greens, orange-red, a bit of yellow, black, grey, and white. These colors make up a triadic color scheme used in a piece of artwork by Yan Zhang. And quite frankly, they just work. The image I chose depicts a person, presumably a young female, wearing a hijab standing on a rocky shore, looking out at a mountainous skyline over a body of water. Majority of the colors chosen are dulled down with a very low saturation. Allowing the blues and greens to make a very calming and serene looking area, adding a smoothness to the harsh-looking mountains. The person positioned on the rocks wears a long black coat, with a small gradient to red at the end, making this portion of the image stand out a bit more. Even more so, the hajib the person is wearing is an orange-red and whites, causing it to stand out predominantly from the calm appearance of the rest of the image. These colors fit very well with the image since they not only accurately represent the items depicted, but they also allow the image to tell it’s story through emphasis of certain features. Additionally, I feel it’s important to note that the low saturation of these colors makes the image much more calming and pleasing to view given the illustrations depicted.

  17. Hilda Ismail says:

    The image I came to choose was an art piece created by Kuo-Cheng Liao that’s a Kobe tribute. What grabbed my attention about the art piece the most was the white contrasting from the popping color in the middle with all the components. The color scheme the artist used was complementary since the colors being used are across from each other on the color wheel. I think it was a good use of the colors because not only did the colors combine well with each other, it made sense considering the objects in real life are those colors. So technically I’m reviewing real-life design put into a piece of art. To review the actual work I’d have to compliment the way the objects were placed and created. The way the jerseys were placed with the different color pairs were smart because the white jersey in between the colored ones doesn’t offset the balance trying to be created. The red flowers being placed where they also brought a pop to the art. And to bring everything together, in my opinion, is the snake that is an important detail because, without it, the artwork would feel empty without anything really wrapping the components together.

  18. Matt Schmaus says:

    There were other images like this with different sets of locations or time eras and they are all unique in their own setting I chose the beach image because I love being at the beach first of all not only that this makes my eyes jump all around the setting from the shark in the water to looking closer at the rocks or looking for what could be in the water to the lifeguard rushing into the water to help or to the calmer side of the image of the seagulls in the back flying or the warm color palm tree or the umbrellas open and closed on the beach this setting is a cool yet interesting day at the beach besides the shark in the water but the feel and the way it captures a day or just a glimpse of what a beach day could feel like or how it could go overall I love how it has the square block image like it’s cut and can see into the side of the water and the side of the beach I think this low plot setting is genius.

  19. Nick Van Sant says:

    The artist of this design is Maxim Shkret and his designs usually consist of very few colors to one color. In this design, it is an analogous color scheme. The colors used are a blue, teal, and blueish green. I believe these are good colors to choose for this type of design because they work really well with each other and no one color stands out from the rest. They all blend and correlate well with each other. If there is an area that is supposed to be darker from the rest, the artist darkens the value of the color therefore making it darker and same thing applies to when they have to make an area lighter from the rest or to making it brighter, the artist adds lighter values to the color therefore making it lighter from the rest and making it stand out more from the values that are used more. These types of designs that the artist does can be a piece for everyone to look at because they are very geometrical and consist of some of the same shapes and use a lot of the same colors and values. They can also be nice to look at because the colors blend well with each other and makes the whole design look unified.

  20. Sage Wilson says:

    The image I chose uses desaturated primary colors- Grey-ish blues, pale pinks, and darker yellows. I think that this works perfectly for the image. Highly saturated and vibrant colors draw your eyes to them, and if you don’t want that, they can be distracting. Desaturated and dull colors on the other hand are softer and don’t make you look at them as much. I think this works for the image because there is a lot going on. There is a lot of detail in the image that you might not notice if they had used brighter colors that made you look away from those details. A lot of the artist’s work is the same way. The majority of the pieces have a lot of detail with softer and dull colors that are easier to look at. A lot of people use the primary colors as their color scheme, and they do look good together but sometimes they can be a lot to look at with the bright colors against each other, so dulling the colors prevents that, and it was very effective in this piece and the other pieces. It makes them look softer and calming, but also mysterious in a way.

  21. Jalen Terry says:

    The artist of this design is Marina Okhromenko and her designs usually consist lots of different colors. The color scheme that was used this design is a “Tetradic” color. The colors that were used in this design are orange, blue, red, and green. I believe that those colors are good for this type of design because those are all bright and vibrant and having all of those bright and vibrant colors make the overall design bright and vibrant, also making the design stand out from other designs that don’t use bright colors. All of her other designs are similar to this design. Most to all of her design uses a tetradic color scheme or a color scheme similar to it with colors that wouldn’t seem to go well together but in the end result they end up working well together. Making the overall tone of all of her designs is a playful/joyful vibe to them. Making them all appropriate for all types of people who enjoy art

  22. Jalen Terry says:

    The creator of this design is Marina Okhromenko and her designs usually consists of multiple colors. In this design the color scheme is a “Tetradic” color scheme. The colors that are being used in this design are orange, blue, green, and red. I believe that these colors are good for this design because that all of the colors are bright and vibrant and because all of the colors are bright and vibrant it makes the design unified. This design is also unique because the design uses colors that wouldn’t typically work together and making them work together. Since this design uses vibrant colors the overall vibe of the design is joyful and bright, these are some characteristics that her other designs have. Most to all of them have a tetradic color scheme or something similar to, which makes all of her designs unique and stand out. All of her designs are appropriate for any and everyone that enjoys art.

  23. Maddie Orwig says:

    The image I chose is titled Pinocchio Adam & Eve from Amber Ma’s Illustration series Pinocchio forest. I chose this image because I felt it stood out amongst all of the others i looked at. I really enjoy Ambers art style which consists mainly of abstract creatures she uses to tell a story with only a few colors. The colors in this illustration consist mainly of the complimentary colors red and green. The colors used were meant to be intense and show the difference between a lie and a truth as the illustration is based off the story of Pinocchio and the way his nose grows when he lies. When people tell a lie it is considered bad. The colors in this imagine are supposed to show the intention behind a lie. Red being when you tell a lie without good intention, and the green being when you tell a lie with the intent of protecting yourself or someone else. The way she illustrates allows her pictures to convey many feelings, Pinocchio’s forest has the ability to unsettle viewers and can give off a creepy vibe while also showing the beauty and mystery of the forest. I also feel that the use the watercolor medium is what ties this whole image together. They way it dulls the image really helps it from being too intense and overwhelming the viewers. In my opinion I think Amber Ma’s artwork is an absolutely genius way to portray a classic tale.

  24. Cassidy says:

    This is a very unique way to portray a clock. I love how the pattern is so vibrant and smoothly executed. Overall it’s just a very unique piece. I love how the hearts pop out of the clock also. I also love how the hearts pop out of the clock and how smooth the overall colors are. Though the colors are kind of dull the effect on the clock drowns that out.

    • Anderson says:

      Cassidy a good start. Make sure that you are responding to the blog prompt, in this case, the color palette. What colors did the designer use? Are they saturated or desaturated? Is the image overall dark or light (value)?Why? What is the overall visual effect?

  25. Ryan Engard says:

    I saw this picture of a super hero and loved how the designer made the color scheme. I thought the person did a good job with creating this piece because as I look at this color scheme I see that it’s all the primary colors. And the blue is used for all the dark spaces and the yellow is used for the light space and red for in the middle i think this was a good idea because the color red yellow and blue look good to getting and getting all those looks with the color scheme really brings out the really beauty in the picture because he was smart to make all the dark spaces with a dark color and it is a piece that makes sense. These colors went together really well. I feel if he did them with any other colors that the art piece would not make sense and it would be confusing. I feel he also used a method to get the colors on the face to go together well because when he used light color he put dark color over it and he mixed them together and that’s probably what stands out to me so well.

  26. Ja' Von Grier says:

    The colors on this project are black, white, red, and gold. Now, these these colors don’t have a color scheme but they look really good when they’re together. Black and white always look when they’re next to each other but putting red and gold, the two other colors that also good with each other, makes the entire project look like a master piece. The message of this painting is look like the artist was just having fun with project but the other message could be never judge a book by its cover because gold is a expensive material and its on weird looking creatures, which something you’ll never expect to see.

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