Let the good times roll

As human beings and Americans, we spend an inordinate amount of time complaining and worrying about all of the craziness in our world. I don’t kAs human beings and Americans, we spend an inordinate amount of time complaining and worrying about all of the craziness in our world. I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s overwhelming. So I was excited to discover, that one of my favorite magazines was asking it’s readers to get involved by participating in their “Doodle Something Good in the World.” project. For this week’s blog post, I would like you to generate your own doodle about something good. It’s easy to get hung up on all of the negative things going on around us – this assignment provides a welcome opportunity to consider all of the things we take for granted each and every day. Make sure you think about the overall composition of your image and pay close attention to t design principles like balance, contrast, unity, etc. When you are finished with your doodle, please take a photograph and attach it to this post. Finally, please write a brief description of the image you created and post it with your image. I promise it’s going to make you feel good.  – A

  1. Chasity Venia says:

    This image is something that I do on the daily, things I like to do and things that make me get out of my Negative place in life. Life is stressful right now and I think we all know that. So, Like Mr.Anderson says, Make some thing happy. Or something. I drew a few things out and I hope you enjoy them, Maybe they will inspire you to do something like this. Something to do, Perhaps.

  2. Anderson says:

    Chasity – thank you for sharing!

  3. Gwen Shipman says:

    The first thing to come to my mind was my animals. I’m forever thankful for each and every one of them, from Ruby’s blank, thoughtless stare, to Chad’s incessant chirping. I think it’s easy for many people to forget about their pets these days. They’re just as stressed as you or I, if not more. Everyone’s schedules are thrown out of whack, and the thing about your pets is that they don’t even understand why!

    I think of them often. Even though they’re stressed out, and lacking their quiet time, our pets are thinking of us more than ever. We should be grateful for them too!

    Chad is the cockatiel that lives in my room. We have a love/hate relationship. He’s just the bitter old man that likes to yell at the youth, only to follow up his screaming with kisses.
    Ruby is our doberman. Shes stupid. We love her for it.
    Lola is our mutt that was found outside. Shes lazy and makes the best nap partner.
    Sprout and Sully are lineolated parakeets, and are a mated pair despite both being male. Nature is beautiful.
    Max and Splat are your average parakeets. They learned how to mimic the dogs barking to be let in from outside. Don’t be fooled!
    Phoebe and Daphne are our cats. They like coffee and watching Chad from afar. Chad, with no sense of danger, likes to give them kisses. The absolute mad lad.

  4. Connor Orns says:

    The first things that came in mind for me was Star Wars, video games, wildlife, music, headsets, and sports and that is all positive to me because they all serve as an escape from the world for me and they make me forget everything. Most of them have been escapes for me ever since I was young such as video games and sports.

  5. kassandra McWilliams says:

    So for this project, I decide not to use any color and to get the chance to show what truly makes me happy. There is a lot that makes me happy so I choose three things and combined them into one whole doodle something good in the world. I’m happy to be home and get more time with my family members, to stay connected through technology that’s everywhere, and I also like spending time with my friends and just enjoying their company.

    So my doodle something good in the World I drew a heart that has three keywords in it which are family, friends, and technology. I used little connectors that are attached to the heart being things that help/ work with the three keywords. Said stay connected and then drew a phone, computer, and a persons face with a speech bubble. I said games/video games and drew a board game along with a game console.

  6. Mackenzie says:

    The picture is of two friends who haven’t seen each other in three years and now finally seeing one another

  7. Jordan Swartz says:

    This is my post for this project. It shows my love of movies. It shows my favorite movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. I believe that people should find something they love and do it/ watch it.

  8. Ava Cappelletty says:

    The first thing that came to my mind is playing my switch. I am able to play and talk with friends who i cant see in real life. it makes me happy knowing even if i can be there in real life I am with them in spirit. I miss my friends a lot and hope to see them soon and hope they are healthy and doing ok.

  9. Logan miller says:

    This picture show that I like to go places not just sit at home bored. I like having Adventure, I want to go to new places all around the world. When we go somewhere I feel like I have more to do then at home

  10. Brittany Sieja says:

    The first thing that comes to my mind is anime. Anime comes to my mind because It’s really fun to watch. Also you could also draw if you feel inspired by watching a certain anime. It also helps me feel relaxed. That’s what’s comes to my mind.

  11. Aiden C Schultz says:

    This quickly drawn sketch is to represent a sunrise over some water. The reason I created this is to show that beautiful art does not need to be created by a drawing, painting, or digital creation. Not even by a human or any living creature. Sometimes, the oldest objects (sun, earth, other planets) are the true bases of art. The rise an fall of the sun creates a horizon of orange, yellow, and sometimes a deep purple color over the earth that humans cherished for ages. Which is also loved by many still to this day, such as myself.

  12. Brayden Lyons says:

    The first thing that comes into my mind is The Final Fantasy 7 Remake. That comes into my mind because Its a fun game that I’ve never experienced before. Its also a pretty good game to play if your by yourself and just want to experience a new adventure. It takes me out of what is going on in the real world for awhile and I think everyone should have some kind of outlet that lets them do that.

  13. Matt Schmaus says:

    This is a picture I edited for my friend and I wanted to learn how to use Adobe After Effects to make the cool pictures and I get to relax and listen to my music and be creative with the pictures I make and I can ask what color they would like or they can tell me I can do what I want and I can make super cool outcomes I’ve made multiple pictures I think this one is my favorite because of the colors and the name of the bridge in the background.

  14. Matt Schmaus says:

    This is a picture of my friend a picture he ask me to edit for him and I wanted to get into Adobe After Effects more to make cool pictures like this and I really like getting creative with them and relaxing and listening to my music and seeing what I can do with the images and hearing their response when I send them the image makes it all the better doing these edits for my friends

  15. Ian Heyne says:

    The first thing that came to my mind was all the apps that I use everyday to try and escape my life. Everything in this image has helped me be happy and distracts me from all the negative things that happen in my life. I also wanted to include things I love having like my family and definitely food. Another thing is that I wanted to include what I support as it has given me the strength to love myself and stop thinking that the world would be better off without me in it. I deal with depression everyday and it helps when all these things distract me from negative or suicidal thoughts and feelings. Without all these things I probably wouldn’t be here today, so I guess I’m lucky that I see that there’s still hope and meaning to life. Everyone needs distractions in their life as life can be rough some times, and we must get through those rough times to be truly happy in life.

  16. Hannah Green says:

    I did a collage of things that bring make me happy and continue to bring positivity into my life.

    I drew a fox, bunny, and a cardinal. The reason I drew these is that I love nature. I love being able to take walks and enjoy the beauty of it. whenever I have the time I want to take a walk to just enjoy nature.

    The camera signifies my love for taking pictures. I love being able to take pictures. It gives me an escape from reality and be able to smile and be proud of the creations that I can make.

    Earbuds signify my love for music. I listen to music anytime I can doing homework, walks, showers, and even at school when walking from class to class. listening to music helps me decompress and just enjoy what I’m listening to.

    The dog signifies my new puppy!! she is a mini dachshund and she takes A LOT of my time up all in a positive way (sometimes) She brings so much joy to my life and I’m glad I was able to get her. Her name is Eloise and is now 3 months old 🙂

    These are all things that I love and feel so lucky to have in my life.

  17. Savannah Kowalinski says:

    The first thing that came to mind was Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing has always been a comfort game for me and because of the current situation going on now I’m not able to see any of my friends, but some of my friends have Animal Crossing and we’re able to play together. I’m able to talk to them and have fun with them just like in real life.

  18. Jose Rivera says:

    The first thing I saw when looking entertainment. So I drew SpongeBob because that’s the show I use to watch that had very good entertainment and was very funny to watch

  19. Hannah Zapiecki says:

    For my doodle I drew a hand holding a surgical mask. Especially with everything going on recently, this sort of representation was the first thing that came to mind when doodling something good. My doodle is meant to represent all the health care workers during this time.

  20. Cassidy says:

    I decided to draw some quick animatronic sketches since I know more than a few people have some good ties with them. And that the technicians worked hard on making them. It may not be a lot but there it is. As it is something I’m compassionate about

  21. Ryan Engard says:

    My drawing has all the fun activities such as movie watching, running, listening to music, playing video games and playing the guitar i do to keep relaxed, entertain, healthy, and thinking.

  22. Maddid Orwig says:

    In my picture i drew the things that have kept me from going insane the past few weeks. i spend a good portion of my day learning songs on either my guitar or saxophone. it’s a good way to help the time pass while also learning new things. I also have spent a lot of time reading; i’ve read through almost my entire collection of books. And i included the nature portion of my drawing because i really enjoy going for walks, it’s a good way to get out of the house safely. Of course i also had to include animal crossing, a game that I, and all of my friends, have been obsessed with since it released.

  23. Maddie Orwig says:

    In my picture i drew the things that have kept me from going insane the past few weeks. i spend a good portion of my day learning songs on either my guitar or saxophone. it’s a good way to help the time pass while also learning new things. I also have spent a lot of time reading; i’ve read through almost my entire collection of books. And i included the nature portion of my drawing because i really enjoy going for walks, it’s a good way to get out of the house safely. Of course i also had to include animal crossing, a game that I, and all of my friends, have been obsessed with since it released.

  24. Nick Van Sant says:

    In my picture, i drew about my passion about gaming with friends and music. The gaming aspect because that’s always been a passion of mine and the music because I enjoy listening to it whenever i have the chance.

  25. Jalen Terry says:

    Most of time when I doodle my drawings are usually abstract drawings. All of the times that I doodle I have no idea what I’m going to draw. Even thought I don’t know what I’m going draw i still get satisfaction from doodling and it helps me escape from the world for a brief moment

  26. Hilda Ismail says:

    What I decided to draw was the positive in the world that’s happening now from the result of the virus since everyone is focusing on the negative outcomes of it. The main focus point is the Venice canal in Italy. Before the virus it was so cloudy that you could barely see the water life going on in there. But ever since the quartine and all the shutdowns the water finally cleared up to the point where you could even see the ground in there. Also there are birds in the drawing to represent the decrease in air pollution along with the butterflies. The only things shown in color is the life that has been restored from the outcome of the pandemic. The rest is in pencil. Hopefully, everyone see’s how much we affect the planet and what it could be if we keep up the good work.

  27. This came to my mind. It’s my bible that I’ve had ever since kindergarten back when I originally went to a Christian school. It’s possibly the oldest thing I have at a the moment. For that I considered it my one prized possession. I like to think of it as a symbol of how long God has been in my life. I don’t read it much, but knowing I still have after all these years makes me smile. It even has my name on it. It’s about to fall apart, but that’s the beauty of it. I think you can find beauty in the even the oddest things. Like this pandemic. It sucks, but sometimes we just got to face the storm head on and find those silver linings that make it all worth it.

  28. Sage Wilson says:

    The first things that came to mind were music and my dance group. I drew the logos of my dance group and music groups I have been listening to a lot. Many of my best friends are in my dance group and we have all been here for each other through these times. Music has always been something that helps me a lot and it bring my sister and I together, and it has made me happy throughout this time and distracted me from how bored I’ve been.

  29. Ja' Von Grier says:

    When I think about good things, I think about my nintendo switch because its my favorite console and I love it a lot. Some others things that come to mind about something good is music, anime, social media, sleeping, my favorite food, my favorite song, and finally mother nature.

  30. wesley Jackson says:

    I made this because Doodling is more like a peace thing, so I made a yin yang symbol. there is balance between every good thing and bad thing. I like this because it Explains the balance ad that a good thing, yet there are lot of good ting but not all the time.

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