Who Do You Love?

For this week’s blog post I would like you to introduce the rest of us to someone that you love. I’m not talking about your mom, dad, cat, etc. – I’m talking about a designer, illustrator, or photographer whose process and work you admire. In your post, please tell us a little bit about the designer and what you love about their work. What are some adjectives that you would use to describe their style? What type of commercial work (commissions) do they do? What projects resonated with you? Please use at least 200 words and make sure that you are specific in your response. Also, please include a link with your post so that we can share the love. I decided to share some love so I included a link to someone that inspired me when I was a young designer – Rick Valicenti (see below). Ironically, last week after 31 years Valicenti decided to close his Chicago Design Studio Thirst to pursue other professional interests and partnerships.
Here’s my link to somebody I love. Rick Valicenti & Thirst

  1. Ja' Von Grier says:

    The artist that I love/admire is Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol was a american artist, film director, and producer and became famous for making a art movement called “pop art”. What I love about this artist is how he draws some of his paintings. For example, he draws food products to make them look really ancient. Some adjectives I would describe their style is very vintage. My favorite poster by was called “Pork”. Its pink captioned with black bold with cooper black font and its just him in the middle of the picture. Andy Warhol’s projects that resonated with me are Campbell Soup Cans, Shot Marilyn’s, and Race Riot.

  2. Hannah Green says:

    I have always loved the pictures that Connor Franta takes. Connor had first started as a Youtuber and that where I first had found him. Of course, I thought he was funny and enjoyed the laughs. He then began to start his line of Photography and I began to feel in love with his work. His work is simple and beautiful. His work is so pleasing to look at. His work of art is simple yet beautiful. His work is pleasing and satisfying and just all in all amazing. I love looking through his collections and just enjoy how truly beautiful they are. I love how much color that he puts into his work. Conner is known for his two books “Note to Self” and “a Work in Progress”. Both books that I read and loved. He is also known for his positive attitude and his positive way of thinking. He loves to take pictures of landscapes, people (such as friends and family), and also flowers. I love his work and I am so pleased with all the work he puts out. He has become an inspiration to me and has been a positive outlook in my life. He inspires my work and my love for photography.

    LInk to his Instagram- https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.instagram.com/connorfranta/%3Fhl%3Den&ved=2ahUKEwi02eba45rpAhXYK80KHZgQCkQQFjAmegQIExAB&usg=AOvVaw32R9_6_F_oUU5TBtGpIVzV

  3. Kassandra says:

    Katherine McCoy is one of many graphic designers I look up too. Mrs. McCoy has worked with some leading firms, but she mainly held co-chair of a digital design program at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Katherine has won the United States Presidential Design Award, earned the AIGA medal, and the Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design. Some adjectives I would use to describe her work would be honorable, admirable, creative, and is very word-based. Mrs. McCoy is someone I look up to and love. Some of the work she did was be co-chair of a digital design program, Unimark, Chrysler Corporation, and Katherine McCoy joined the Boston design firm Omnigraphics. Some of her projects that resonate with me are The Graduate Program in Design, 1989 that was framed in the Cranbrook Art Museum, Frontier Airlines ticket counter posters, designed for the Unimark International, 1967, and her use of typography art designs. Some examples of her typography work are the one for Philadelphia College of Art Student Schedule, Dada which is a typography poster she designed, and her google search design. Katherine is an inspiration to me because she shows me how far she has come and it’s okay to change what design field you want to do and to just be true to your self.

    • Anderson says:

      Very interesting choice. I’m curious how you came to find and choose McCoy. As you indicated she taught at Cranbrook which is roughly 90 minutes from Toledo, Ohio and her legacy as a design innovator and educator during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s is pretty well documented. I’m a little surprised that her style/aesthetic resonated with you.

  4. Connor Orns says:

    My favorite graphic designer is Ralph McQuarrie, because he worked on my favorite movie of all time which is Star Wars graphic design wise, which Star Wars is my childhood. McQuarrie was born on June 13, 1929 in Gary, Indiana, and he also served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War, and he survived a shot to the head. After McQuarrie returned from the war he moved to California in the 1960s, to study at the Art Center School, in Los Angeles. I’m not gonna lie to you were almost to the good part and thats Star Wars, anyway McQuarrie met up with George Lucas, and they discussed plan for Star Wars, and Lucas wanted visual reference material to get help from film studios, and in 1975, Lucas commissioned McQuarrie to illustrate several scenes from the script of Star Wars. What I love about McQuarrie’s work is the color and how direct the art is with film, I also like how good of a job he did on characters such as Boba Fett, or Bossk (Lizard looking guy on the right to Boba Fett). The adjectives I would use to describe McQuarrie’s work are clean, amazing, attractive, and fancy. McQuarrie is known for “Bounty Hunters in Cloud City” and “Metropolis”. The work that resonated with me is any one of them that is Star Wars because I love Star Wars.
    Link one piece of work-https://www.google.com/search?q=Bounty+Hunters+in+Cloud+City&rlz=1CASOCH_enUS892&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAOPgE-LUz9U3MM4xscxV4gIxs8szso3MtJSyk630yzKLSxNz4hOLSpCYmcUlVuX5RdnFi1hlnPJL80oqFTyAZGpRsUJmnoJzTn5pioJzZknlDlZGAD9Jc6xfAAAA&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjGpOvG6ZrpAhUJKawKHfrhAoUQ_AUoAXoECBAQAw&biw=1366&bih=665&safe=active&ssui=on&surl=1#imgrc=A1SfXqckjFi2dM

    • Anderson says:

      Connor – check out this guy. His name is Brian Rood and he actually graduated from Whitmer High School in the 90’s. He’s one of George Lucas’s exclusive Star Wars artists Brian Rood

  5. Cassidy says:

    I aspire to be the people who took pictures of old animatronics in the 80s & 70s. (The photographers for Animatronic companies like AVG,Advanced Animatronics,Etc)

    • Anderson says:

      Cassidy, please make sure that you are completing the assignment. Your post needs to include an image or link to the artist that you are sharing with us. Your post also needs to be 200 words. Please revise this post to include and name a specific artist/designer and why you love their work.

  6. Gwen Shipman says:

    I’ve always been fascinated with Cédric Peyravernay’s work. Some may recognize his work being featured in the Dishonored series. His character designs are always very dynamic, and I’m especially fond of how he exaggerates features. His art was the foundation for the characters found in Dishonored and Prey, most, if not all, of his paintings are reflected in every character design. Below is an example of one of the characters he designed, who looks strikingly like his work in the final render in-game.

    • Anderson says:

      What is his background? Where did he go to school? How did he get interested in character design? What other games has Cedric developed characters for?

  7. vincent says:

    An illustrator that I currently love/ admire is Julian Miholics. Julian is a freelance illustrator and ceramicist, born and raised in London Ontario. His work blends together LGBTQ+ communities with topics of biology, naturalism and paleontology. His ceramics are also showcased/ sold in what is the Jonathon Bankcroft-Snell Gallery. this gallery has grown to be the largest ceramics gallery in canada. Now as for Julian’s work, the colors give it almost,,,a fuzzy or warm feeling,,it makes me think of warm summer days with the frogs chirping among the tall grass in the wetlands if that makes any sense? And his lineart is so unique, i’ve never seen another thing like it! The linework thin, and layers over itself in some parts of his works, and displays some habits of cross-hatching. Here’s his website, i hope y’all enjoy his work as much as i do :0

  8. The artist that I chose was jakub rozalski. He is an amazing artist that makes beautiful art. He made a series of paintings called 1920+ (a sort of alternate post ww1 era that have huge machines controlled by people ) I love his work because I love steampunk and history as well as alt history. I also love that each image looks like it’s a painting like as if someone within the world of 1920+ is making these paintings. The art has inspired a board game called scythe and a video game called Iron Harvest.

  9. The Photographer I’ve chosen was a person I new for a Very long time. His Instagram is Cvatik. He takes photos of people and shares them on the internet. There very interesting photos. But I find them fascinating. However, some of these photos stop the human body. Some of them with Pets, Other things. How I know this artist is my friend Herb. He introduced me to his work. I love his work a lot. And I find that It can be very very intimidating. Some of the photos include objects that you wouldn’t necessarily take photos of in the first place. These photos are not Graphic. Or anything. He takes photos of people that pay. Some of his photos include, Animals, Food, Objects in a home etc. He is very creative with his work and he inspires me. He is a very well done Artist and I inspire you to check him out. He is from New Jersey.

  10. Brittany Sieja says:

    Someone I look up to is my elementary art teacher named Bryan Dekay. He inspired me when he taught me and other students amazing art, design, and other works of art that he worked on. He also influenced me on how I can draw in my sketchbook and do sketches of drawings. The art that he did was that he sketched it out first then he added a cool graffiti background to go with it. He’s a very well known person/artist because I knew him for a while as my art teacher. Some adjectives I would describe his art would be of how he blended the colors and and how he’s just there blending in. He’s also very talented of what he does in his artwork. The school he went to was Bennett Venture Academy. He also did a painting in the hallway of my last school once and it was pretty amazing. I think the art got taken down though but it was there for a while. The art was the American flag and there was presidents on it too and you could literally see it when you’re walking down the hall. It would be cool if you know him by chance but he’s very well known in real life.

    • Anderson says:

      Interesting choice Brittany. I do not know Bryan Dekay, but I feel like I’ve heard his name. I’m going to do a little research. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hilda Ismail says:

    Although I don’t have a favorite artist or I don’t really follow up with anything in the designing field, the artist I came to choose was JT Daniels. JT Daniels is an illustrator that has done a lot of work for the Brisk company which is a beverage company. You can see his artwork on each and every one of their bottles and the artwork varies based on the flavor of the drink. He started pursuing art as a teenager, becoming the one to go to artist for school projects, painting custom skateboards and selling illustrations to friends and mentors. He uses his art to support and uplift the community. I chose him because his art pops out to me and has a lot of detail. The color he chooses to use stands out and catches my eye from the way he puts it together. Not only does he do work for Brisk but he also does Mural work on small businesses, streetcar stops, galleries, and local neighborhoods. His work would be hard to miss driving and seeing it somewhere. He knows how to catch the human eye. One of the main focuses of his artwork is sending a message through art.

  12. Aiden Schultz says:

    I do not usually look at artists nor photographers in my free time because I am more a video game type of person. However, during the Pippin project, I wanted to look for designers that had a vintage/old look to their art style. After some other minutes of searching, I found Steve Simpson. Steve Simpson is a designer from Manchester, UK but is now living in Dublin, Ireland. He creates designs for postage stamps, whiskey bottles, medicine bottles, board games, and hot sauce bottles. From 30 years of experience, his style is inspired by the arts and crafts movement, 1950’s advertisements, and folk art. Since 2008, he has won over 50 awards due to his amazing packaging and overall art designs. One of the designs I chose to discuss is an art piece that is dedicated to Spongebob Squarepants. The style of the design looks to be vintage and looks almost like it is made with fabric due to the lines around the art. There are also some quotes from the show that Spongebob says as well. When I look at it, I get a pirate type feel to it because of all the bones that make up Spongebob and the name at the bottom. Overall, I think that this was really well illustrated.

  13. Hannah Zapiecki says:

    The past, I don’t actually know how many months, I’ve been very interested and fascinated by a Hamilton based contemporary artist referred to as “The Dope Chief,” and no, I don’t know his real name, but that’s besides the point. While he has a large social media presence, posting often on his Instagram and Twitter often, there isn’t much information you can find about him online. The only personal things known about him are found in the causal stories he shares in his social media posts. As well as a recent interview book published by rgsp photography, but that thing is $30, so what I got from it is what I could read by zooming in on the images used to promote it. Anyway, The Dope Chief is a contemporary artist who just recently began his work, roughly 2016, I’m pretty sure at one point he was enrolled in an art school, but he dropped out. Majority of the work he produces is independent commissions and designs he produces. Along with this he’ll have art shows showcasing designs and projects he creates. His work is primarily done digitally, as well as illustrations composed of pen or pencil, completed with painted details. It is also important to note that it isn’t uncommon to come across him making small statues out of clay. The work itself, while not always school appropriate, is very psychedelic and energetic, using bright and playful colors and imagery. All in all his designs and illustrations are pretty relatable and honest, even if they tend to push some boundaries other artists not dare cross, it’s a style I’m definitely mesmerized by, and can’t help but enjoy whenever I come across it on my Instagram feed.

  14. Jose Rivera says:

    I don’t really know graphic designers but one I came across designed some pretty old designs. Paula Scher is an a american graphic designer, author, painter, and art educator in design. She also served as the first female principle at Pentagram which she joined in 1991. Paula Scher first design was for CBS records. Two years later she joined a competing label Atlantic Records, as an art director. There she designed her first cover for an album. After acquiring some cover designing experience, she returned to CBS Records and worked there for eight years producing over 150 album covers annually. In 1984, she teamed up with a fellow graduate and editorial designer, Tyler Koppel, to establish their firm, Koppel & Scher. The partnership sustained for seven years during which she developed corporate identities, book jackets, advertisement and packaging. She also designed the poster model after Swiss designer Herbert Matter’s work. She has won 300 awards by several international associations the AIGA, package design council, and the type directors club. One of her designs I choose looks like something made from the 70’s to me it looks cool the designs look cool and attention grabbing.

    • Anderson says:

      Awesome Inspiration Jose! Paula Scher and Pentagram are legends. Paula has done some really awesome work with typography for creative artists and organizations. Her work and career is definitely an inspiration for me as well.

  15. Ava Cappelletty says:

    An Artist whom I love is a man named Trevor Henderson. He is a very popular horror artist and many people like my self have adored his brilliant work for a long time. His Instagram (@treverhenderson) is filled with his amazing creations. One of his most popular ones is a creature he calls siren head. (image below) Siren head has became a massive hit with his fans. So much so where someone made a game based off it. He is very creative in his art and make horrifying creatures that would make you scared to sleep! Not only do I like his artwork,but the stories he puts with them are amazing.There short and simple but catch your attention to draw you in. He makes pictures look very realistic by adding small details like a motion blur. I love his artwork and I hope you check him out soon.

  16. Angie Dula says:

    I’ve never really gotten much into specific artists or designers, but someone who did inspire me was Wedha Abdul Rasyid. His work is extremely colorful, and overall just fun and pleasing to look at. He was born March 10th, 1951 in Indonesia. He has a book dedicated to WPAP art. WPAP stands for Wedha’s Pop Art Potrait. Overall, i love his work and i also love trying to make my own.

  17. Brayden Lyons says:

    A photographer that I love and inspires me to see the beauty in any object is Kenny Kronholm. The way he uses natural lighting to get the perfect shot is amazing. He also uses colors to enhance an image that he wants the focus of the picture to be on. Some of his shots are dark and moody but still get the beauty of the image across. He is not well known and doesn’t have a lot of images created, but the ones he does have up, are well worth checking out. They almost have a movement to them because of the angle and lighting of the pictures. They are really awe inspiring images to look at.


  18. Ian Heyne says:

    An illustrator that i admire is Yann Dalton. Yann Dalton, born in april 22th 1986, is a french artist based in Paris. He graduated from the universities of art and design Estienne and Oliver de Serres. Hed said he always drew and paint with the desire to transcribe movement, with the ambition of moving a fixed picture. He wants to retranscribe a maximum of dynamism by the rhythm of strokes and the vibrance of the colors. Among his inspirations, we can find famous painters like Goya, Le Caravage, Rembrand, Yves Klein, but also Surrealism and Hip-Hop movements. Clients from all around the world appreciate his art: Jim Beam, Bleacher Report, ESPN, ADIDAS, NBA, Disney, Blizzard, Adobe, and others. He had the opportunity to participate in various events like the Sport Managers ceremony in Paris, the Hockey World Cup opening on the Eiffel Tower, or the World Expo 2017 in Asthana where he represented his country with his painting of Marianne which adorn the French Pavilion. His painting style is a mix between traditional painting (watercolor/acrylic/ink/pen…) and digital painting (photoshop and graphic table tools). I would also describe his art style as active, vibrant, powerful, inspiring, and unique. i admire him because all his paintings have this movement to them that intrigues me and draws my attention, and the colors are well used and every piece looks surrealistic. Overall, I love his unique style and the intricate details as they draw my attention and looks active.

  19. Savannah Kowalinski says:

    I’ve always loved the dolls and pictures that Dollightful, aka Katherine Murray, creates/takes. Katherine Murray, born on January 26, 1992, is an American doll-customizer and artist who lives in Korea. She first started out on Youtube, which is how I found her. Of course I thought she was funny, she had a good sense of humor that I thought was funny. Katherine is known as Dollightful on Youtube and Dollightfully on Instagram. She takes normal dolls, like Barbie and Monster High dolls and customizes them into beautiful pieces of art. Not only does she customize dolls but she creates beautiful pieces of art herself. She creates many concepts of her characters that she wants to turn into a doll and gets to work on it. Her art has always inspired me, I’ve looked at her art and it’s just made me feel happy. She put so much work and effort into her creations and that’s what inspires me the most, she never gives up on any of them. Whenever she gets stuck on something she tries something new. She always branches out with her art, while she does have her art style she also tries other styles. Below are only a few of her creations. The ones below are recent dolls she’s customized, and I love how they all look unique and different from each other. Her fans always love her character designs and even draw them as well, and she even shares them. Overall, I really love her art and her doll-customizing, to me it’s all unique and I can’t help but smile everytime I see a picture of her work.

  20. Matt Schmaus says:

    The person I like is Billelis because of this picture of scorpion one of the main characters from Mortal Kombat but the artist makes the images that are some video game related which I like because I play a lot of video games and his work mostly has skulls in a unique way but I like his video game images and I picked the Scorpion one because I really love the game and makes me think of when I used to play against my older cousins and Scorpion is one of my favorite characters and the image looks SUPER cool I love how he looks in the image.

  21. Logan miller says:

    The designer that I love is Tinker Hatfield. He designs footwear for Nike with most being for the Air Jordan shoes. One of his designs is the Jordan 6 model. It was made in 1991 and Michael Jordan wore these shoes for his first and last NBA championship. Tinker Hatfield claims to have designed the cross-trainer shoe when he observed people using different type of shoes for different sports. Hatfield used his designer skills and created the graphic design on the basketball court at the University of Oregon. Tinker wanted to change the boring style of a tennis shoe to something exciting but also functionally for the sporting needs. Tinker Hatfield’s inspiration came from buildings. The Air Max 1 was inspired by the architect of the building The Centre Pompidou located in Paris. One of his shoes called the Air Safari was inspired by him looking at an ostrich leather couch. Hatfield takes his clients passions and turns it into a design to represent his client. The Air Jordan 14 represents Jordan’s love of motor sports and is designed like his Ferrari with smooth lines, luxe paneling and shiny black upper. I always like his design and I’m waiting for him to make another design that I might buy.

    • Anderson says:

      Awesome inspiration Logan! I just watched a documentary about Tinker Hatfiled that I think you can still check out for free. I would highly encourage you to check it out. It’s an episode of Abstract by Netflix. Right now, I think you can watch them for free on Youtube.

  22. One of my favorite illustrators is the James Rallison, AKA TheOdd1sOut. He’s mostly known for his channel where makes story time anime videos, which I think are really good. Before he became a famous YouTuber, he made comics for tumblr. His style is very cute. Most of his comics consists of marshmallow-designed characters. This helps make them stand out a bit because of his recognizable characters. Plus, I think the very witty humor and dialogue of these really help them be more appealing. On top of that, his style has s very slick, bright, colorful, and simplistic. I believe the simplistic nature actually works with the marshmallow design and if anything, it proves you don’t need to make something so detailed to have a great effect. Here’s a link to check out his comics.


  23. Jalen Terry says:

    An illustrator that i admire goes by the name of Vexx. Vexx has a YouTube channel and a Instagram where he posts his artwork or anything art related. I admire Vexx because I really like his art, his art are usually doodles. Each of his artworks/doodles are very unique and and are intriguing to look at, also sometimes they may contain real objects like money or tree but with different variants. Vexx has included some realism drawings with his doodles showing off that he is capable of having good drawings and also able to combine his signature doodling style, making an artwork that is the best of both worlds, those who like realistic drawing and those who like cartoon doodles

  24. Ryan Engard says:

    a designer that i like is stefan sagmeister he creates really good art work that manly is done on the face but i found out that he also does poly art which is my favorite type of art i think he does a really good job at giving the viewer a different art Piece when he does something with the face it adds to the story .

  25. Ryan Engard says:

    a designer that i like is stefan sagmeister he creates really good artwork that manly is done on the face but i found out that he also does poly art which is my favorite type of art i think he does a really good job at giving the viewer a different art Piece when he does something with the face it adds to the story . The reason why he is someone I admire is because of the work he does not only does he give a story in his work but he does different types of art. His poly art in my opinion is really good. It’s amazing what he does in lines only to make portraits of people or characters from shows. Another reason why I love this designer is because he looks around for inspiration and uses memories as inspiration uses happiness to make a lot of designs. That is what you want when you’re designing because you can find a way to tell your story and find a way to make art at the same time, and I feel he does a great job at that. I want to do that type of designing that he does because I’ve always wanted to tell my story and he shows it’s possible.

    • Anderson says:

      Nice. Check out the poster Sagmeister did for Detroit AIGA – it’s a bit extreme, but hard to forget.

  26. Sage Wilson says:

    An artist I love is Haley Newsome, better known as LavenderTowne on Youtube and Instagram. She does a lot of art challenges and talks about different things that artists and Youtubers go through and deal with, as well as making comic series and drawing tips and tutorials. She has over a million subscribers and Youtube is her full-time job. I have been watching her for over a year now. I really love her art style and it influenced my own art style a lot. Her art style is very flowy and pastel. She uses quite a lot of pale and washed out colors in her art. The way she draws is not realistic, with huge eyes and flowy limbs, but that’s what I love about her style and it allows her to make the characters she draws more expressive. She tends to add different designs in the eyes which makes them more unique. The way she draws her characters reminds me of the pastel goth fashion style and merges creepy and cute. It also reminds me of the style of the cartoon, Star vs the Forces of Evil, with how she draws the limbs and faces. I really like her “Do this, not that” series because it gives a lot of tips on things like color scheme, character design, and proportions.

  27. Destiny Dalton says:

    The person I love is Gordon Parks he is a famous photographer. He was born in 1912 and died in 2006. There is a website called The Gordon Parks Foundation. It permanently preserves the work of Gordon Parks and makes it available to the public through exhibitions, books, and electronic media and supports artistic and educational activities that advance what Gordon described as “the common search for a better life and a better world.” This is some of his work. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.kmuw.org%2Fpost%2Fgordon-parks-celebration-life-and-work&psig=AOvVaw3FWZ9tlJRlJk7KaNyMCXO-&ust=1589393249002000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCKCFk7b1rukCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD

  28. Justin Doran says:

    One of the people that I Love and admire the most is Andy Muschietti He is a great film maker and also a great artist.He brought to life one of my favorite books IT he drew the design for Pennywise he also has many other good movies one of which is called MAMA it is a very good and scary movie and it is very inspiring the way he designed it to be so scary

  29. Mackenzie says:

    I truly like Comfort love and Adam withers they are amazing at their jobs as self-published comic makers. Their art and stories are great and compelling. They made their characters so diverse and relatable. They also give great advice to beginners like me, even though it is a little hard to understand

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