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We’ve spent a year together and covered a lot of ground, but the end of the school year is near and it’s a good time for reflection. So here’s this week’s blog post. Identify and discuss at least 2 or 3 skills that every high school student must develop and master before graduating from high school. Next, identify at least 2 or 3 skills that design students must develop and master before graduating. This isn’t about you specifically. It’s about what you think the general public expects a high school graduate to be able to deliver. As always, think carefully and please be specific in your responses. I’m looking forward to your insight. – A

  1. kassandra McWilliams says:

    Some skills that high school students need to have developed and master before graduating from high school is to have a good work ethic, be able to solve there own problems, and to be mature/ a leader.
    Some skills that design students need to have developed and master before graduating from high school is to be able to work with a team, have organizational skills, and to stay on task.

  2. Matt Schmaus says:

    Some of the skills I learned were how to use Adobe softwares I came in the class not knowing anything about the software and how to use them after a few weeks I began to learn with dedication and actually focusing on work and getting my work in on time I found it easier to learn how to use the software and began to find adobe really easy and all my work became even more fun to do so just to have skills around abode and being able to focus and turn work in with full effort really helped me become better in that class with my work and with the outcomes of my projects.

  3. Chasity Venia says:

    Some skills some students need to be able to learn is the fact that they need to be able to know the tools they are going to use in the project in the first place, They need to understand organization and they need to follow directions carefully. Maybe some kids come in this class and think it’s going to be easy, It’s actually not that easy at all. I recommend people to pay attention. I also recommend keeping you’re work as clean as possible. Never rush through a project because that means you’re not working at your hardest. Always asking your table partners for help, because if you don’t ask for help you’re going to be sitting there for awhile. Therefore, I recommend keeping you’re self motivated and hard working during this class period. Or it’s not going to work out so well for you.

  4. Angie Dula says:

    I think that students in school in general should learn skills on time management and putting in effort into their work that they do. I believe those skills help any student in general by teaching them to not procrastinate or take advantage of the time they are given. Second, i believe that students being able to put their all into their work will teach them to not half-do a job or task. Now for design students, learning professionalism is very important. Taking your class and work seriously as if its an actual job will help you be slightly more prepared and ready for what a real life job has to bring. Time management is also very important for design students for the same reason.

  5. Connor Orns says:

    They’re are a lot of skills you need to master before the end of High School and one of those is to be on time, because in the real world your going to have a job and your boss most likely won’t have it if your late. The second skill you need to master is don’t procrastinate, It won’t get you far I don’t think. The third skill you need to master is to mind your own business, so you can stay out of trouble. For design, I would say don’t procrastinate, I know I said this already but for graphic design your due dates for work is on Fridays normally, so you got to make every second count, and work your butt off, so you can turn your work in on time. The second thing you need to master in design is don’t settle, and I have definitely learned my lesson with this one, because you need to make your work as good as possibly, and think of ways to make your solution better, so your prepared for life and jobs and so you can get a good grade. Finally, this is some of the stuff that learned from High School.

  6. Ryan Engard says:

    Some skills that I think all students should learn before they graduate is time management because there is not a lot of time so you have to find a way to use time wisely and plan every thing to make sure you’re not wasting time. Which brings me to my second one is organization being organized is extremely helpful because when you organize someone you can get things done faster and it takes you less time looking for things. When you are not organized you can get overwhelmed because you don’t know where things are and you’re wasting time. My final skill that I think all students should learn is self discipline. I say that because when you’re having fun or doing something you have to know when to say when. Those are all the skills I think students should learn before they graduate.

  7. Naydin says:

    A few skills I think all students should learn before they graduate is completing assignments when they are due, so that you aren’t behind on work because not doing your work when it’s assigned will put you behind everything and you’ll just start to stack work and have to do it all in one portion, which isn’t efficient whatsoever. The second skill is communication. Communication between a teacher and a student is important because it shows your responsibility within school and shows you’re growing up. My final skill is not giving up. You can’t give up when performing in school Not giving up and staying motivated to keep working and having a great mindset is important in school shows your determination.

  8. Gwen Shipman says:

    All high school students should walk away from high school with a work ethic, organization skills, and a formulated idea of where they want to go now that they have graduated. Design students should walk away with communications skills (regarding both a design team, and with clients), experience and confidence in using the technology and software used in the field, and a deep understanding of all design principles.

  9. Hilda Ismail says:

    Overall as a student, skills that I feel like everyone should acquire is the ability to be self-dependent and responsible because in the long run, no one can hold your hand in life. Although it is very comforting to have someone to fall back on, life doesn’t automatically provide that. But school isn’t necessarily structured for that, just things to get graded on.
    Some things design students should acquire as a skill is the ability to be organized with a process and the ability to deliver with satisfaction. For example, knowing what the client wants and satisfying them by giving what they want by listening and writing down things. Also, another thing is knowing software good enough to do what you have in mind to create the best solutions.

  10. Anderson says:

    This a test.

  11. Hannah Green says:

    Having and mastering skills is a big part of life in general. Some skills are harder than others and some are a lot easier then they can seem. Every high school student needs to know the skills that they need to use to graduate. I think the most important skill that a student would need to know to graduate is to never give up. Giving up is probably the easiest thing to do because it is so simple to do. But it isn’t the best thing to do. Yes, things get hard but life is hard and you just have to continue to push forward. Another skill is respect! Yes, such a basic skill is the easiest to have but yet so many people don’t have it or just simply never use. Respect is so important because it is key to the kind of job you are going to have. ITs not only key for a job but it is a key in the world. You cant survive in wold without having respect. The main skill that a design student needs to learn is don’t settle. Settling with your work should never be an option. Be proud of the work you put out and believe in what you have accomplished. Another skill a design student needs to have never doubt yourself. If you like your piece of work that’s awesome Be Proud!!! you deserve to be you’ve worked hard on it and deserve to be proud of it. And the last skill that a design student needs to be creative!! Yes, this is an obvious skill but it is a skill that will get farther in the game. Don’t think inside the box but think outside.

  12. Justin Doran says:

    Every Highschool student should devolop some kind of skill set before leaving and their plan for the future before they go and every design student should know how to do the design stuff beforethey go

  13. vincent says:

    I believe there are a plethora of skills students need to master before they’re kicked out into the life of adulthood and fending for themselves. As students begin that transition, I believe one of the most important skills is being able to manage your workload/ work ethic. This means organizing tasks by importance, meeting deadlines, and providing the best work you can, and not giving up when the going gets rough. Another important skill is the skill of self reliance. I cannot stress enough how important self reliance is, as there’s not always someone by your side to help you and hold your hand through it all. When you are self reliant, you are knowledgeable, you search for your own answers, and it gives you a major sense of freedom, in a way.

    As for design students, you must learn the pathways of your programs. If you are not capable of fully utilizing your programs/ mediums, you will have issues reaching your full potential. Another thing is to always think outside the box. creativity is your skeleton key.

  14. wesley Jackson says:

    As a student your skill is whet make you led up to your goul. Like how some goul are harder then others but sometimes you have to stand up and dill with it, also fight for want yo want. I can say this was the most worst year of them all, but when you don’t stop it can get you more closer to your goul and you have to kept on trying, because life is about choosing and learning. Most of all putting all your hard work that you have done into your goals and dreams. Don’t think inside the box, think outside. It can inpact a lot if you just think out side of yourself and the world. It can be challenging and hard but you have to kept pushing your to the limits, like an game that you don’t want to lose.

  15. Mackenzie says:

    I think a high school grad would have a common sense and communication skills.

    Design students should learn how to improvise along with balance

  16. Brittany Sieja says:

    All high school students should have a goal that they wanna accomplish or focus on. Also I believe that all students should have a good work ethic so they don’t fail or fall behind on school work. Another one would be organization because every student should keep track of their things and not lose it. One design skill that design students should learn is how to use adobe illustrator and see if they’re comfortable with it. If they’re not capable of using the software the right way, they might struggle with it. Another design skill would be is having communication because talking to other people will help you to see if your design is good or else they can find ways to improve it to make it better. Lastly design students should learn how to do their work and not slack off because if you slack off, you might not be able to get everything done. That’s why design students should focus and work hard to able to be successful.

  17. Hannah Zapiecki says:

    I feel as though any high school graduate should be capable of time management, as well as having public speaking skills, these specifically since I think it’s important for any functioning member of society to be capable of being responsible enough for themselves in keeping track of what they need to do and when, and be able to speak in front of groups of people, even if it makes them uncomfortable, it is a very vital and every day skill. Additionally, it is very important for a design graduate to have a strong confidance in what they are capable of creating, as well as being flexible and adaptive. These are important since you need to be able to communicate and compromise often in the field, but also be able to sell what you make.

  18. Aiden Schultz says:

    For a general graduated high school student, I believe some basic skills they should know is how to take responsibility for one’s actions and work diligently to get something done. I think this because during high school you develop different skills and learn new things about yourself, and these are some of the skills.
    However, some skills a designer graduate should know is on how to work outside the box and know what the best execution method is appropriate for a project. I think this because designing is about making eye catching and beautiful pieces of artwork.

  19. Jordan Swartz says:

    I think that a general person needs a good attitude.and something that they are good at doing. They need a good attitude because most business want people that will listen to orders but at the same time they also want people who can think outside of the box. One also needs to be great in some sort of subject like math, science, language, or history. This is because people will want that skill from you. Two skills that a design student needs to Master are a great creativity and a great ability to persuade. A design student needs creativity because that creativity will help you come up with great designs. A design student also needs an ability to persuade because if you don’t then it will be very difficult to get your designs out into the greater world of design.

  20. Jose Rivera says:

    The main skills I think are to be able to work together, putting effort into their work, and not get discourage with the work you got to do.

  21. Savannah Kowalinski says:

    The main skills I think every student should master before graduating are, communication, time management, and having a good attitude. Communication is really important because you need it to do any job you want, regardless of what it may be , the same goes with having a good attitude. If you have a bad attitude about everything you do then you’ll always have a bad attitude about everything and won’t have fun. Time management is also impost because you can’t keep being late for everything, it has consequences. The main skills I think that a designer student should have before graduating are, working outside the box, working with a team, and to be creative. Working with others, or a team is really important because you can’t do everything alone, especially when it come to designing things. Being creative and working outside the box are also very important, the creative part is obvious as why it’s important to creating new designs, and thinking outside the box is important because you want to think or different possibilities for a design.

  22. Logan Miller says:

    Some skills high school students need to master and develop is to always continue your education. When you go into the workforce it’s important to continue to learn. Continuing your education can help you with your job, learn new things and could lead to advancements. Teamwork is another quality to have when you graduate from high school. Teamwork brings out the best in everyone, promotes positive attitudes and can lead to leadership skills. Dedication is a skill that inspires you to never give up.

    Two skills I feel are the most important to be successful in digital design is creativity and communication. It is very important to come up with unique designs that have not been seen or created before. Having creativity as a talent can make you very successful. The second most important skill to master is communication. It is important to be able to sell your design and communicate your design through expression to get your point across and make an impact.

  23. Nick Van Sant says:

    In my opinion, some skills that some high school students must learn to handle is time management, communication skills, and concentration. Time management is important because it will allow you to accomplish more in shorter periods of time. Communication is important because it will allow you o communicate with others. Concentration is also an important skill because you need to be able to focus on the tasks you have at hand.
    Design students must learn to be creative, think outside the box and communication. Being creative can help you stand out from others who might not have an original idea. Thinking outside the box can also help you stick out from others because it may not be as easy to think of and lastly, communication is important because it allows you to communicate with others and may help get their design across.

  24. maddie orwig says:

    some skills that high school students need to learn before they graduate is the ability to focus when needed and time management. The ability to focus is essential because you need to be able to understand whats being assigned and time management is important because you need to be able to set a schedule for yourself to get things done at a decent time and not hold stuff off for the last minute
    some skills that design students might need are creativity, branding and communication. creativity is an essential skill in the design industry because it will allow for your design to stick out from the rest. branding is a nice trait t have because it will allow for you to understand the clients needs and their brand. Communication is also important because it will allow for you to talk with said client and be able to promote yourself to others.

  25. Ava Cappelletty says:

    Some skills a high school student needs to know before graduating is to be able to work in a team and to be able to have control of themselves in a challenge

    Learning to work as a team will help you amazingly in life. It teaches you easier ways to work and how quickly you get things done with team work

    As for learning to control yourself during a challenge. You are able to learn to take challenges and try your best at them

  26. Ian Heyne says:

    Three skills I think a high school student should have are time management, communication skills, and organizational skills. Also when a high school student graduates they should have a motivation/commitment to a career they want to pursue in life. A design student should have a professional attitude/ work ethic, the ability to present their work confidently, motivation to complete their design, communication skills, and problem solving skills.

  27. Cassidy says:

    To work hard and to keep grades up. If you’re in a class you don’t like get some kind of help from a counsler or dean. If you don’t by the time you do it might be too late.

  28. Brayden Lyons says:

    Skills that a high school should master before graduating would be good communication skills, organizational skills and good problem solving skills. I think being able to effectively communicate would be my number one skill that everyone should learn because you will be communicating in some form or another for the rest of your life. In both personal and professional relationships good communication skills are needed, it is something that I am getting better with but still struggle with. Having good organizational and problem solving skills will also help in your future, whether it is professional or personal. It could be as something as simple as organizing a closet to something huge like solving world hunger problems.
    The skills that i think design students need to master before graduation would be having the knowledge and understanding of design principles and knowing how to use the software that is available to make your designs. If you have these skills before you graduate high school it will be much easier to get into college and eventually into your dream career. That is why I took this program, so it would help prepare me for my future. I think I have learned a lot over the course of the year and will use what I have learned as I continue on with my schooling.

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