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Marian Bantjes is a designer, typographer, writer, and illustrator living and working on a small island off the west coast of Canada, near Vancouver. She is known for her detailed and lovingly precise vector art, her obsessive hand work, her patterning, and ornament. Marian’s work relies heavily on repetition, layering, and her rich background in typography. Her work has an underlying structure and formality that frames its organic, fluid nature. These combinations and juxtapositions are what make Marian Bantjes one of my favorite designers. For this week’s blog post, I would like each of you to visit her website and spend some time looking at her work. Choose an image that you think is exceptional and use at least 200 words to describe the image. Please make sure that your description discusses how Bantjes used design elements and principles like shape, color, texture, balance, depth, contrast, etc to create the image. Finally, attach the image that you chose with your post.

  1. A piece that caught my eye the most was Mrs. Bantjes ” Letterspace” K. This is because of the way she decided to create the letter K in a different way. Marian Bantjes uses only 2 colors in this piece which doesn’ t cause the main focus of this piece to be overwhelmed. The K is made from the cedar branches in her yard and she chooses 2 colors for the background along with a metallic gold paper for the K. The 2 colors she picked were fluorescent orange and pink for the background help make the letter K stand out as the focal point. This piece of art is well balanced and the depth is within the letter K. The letter K doesn’t contrast with the background colors. The colors that were chosen work well together and seem to give off a happy and warm feeling. Mrs. Bantjes seems to work with mixed media and this is one of the pieces that shows it happening. This design took me a minute to comprehend but, then I imagined what king of branches Marian used for this design. Marian designed this letter because the letter M was taken and she was 1 of 25 to create a piece for Lucy Biggs.

  2. Connor Orns says:

    I chose to write about Marian Bantjes piece of art called “Science.” I chose this art because I like its name of Science, which I like science, and because I think its good enough to write about, and because it looks nice. Anyway, I would describe its shape to be pattern like on the exterior, but on the inside of each shape there is different designs in each, shape, and I think they all work well. In this artwork there is a few different colors being used such as black, white, green, and some kind of yellow but I don’t know what kind of yellow it is, but the bright green and yellow parts of the work get my attention easily because there bright colors, and there not dull, but the black it does not grab my eye right away because its not a bright, cheerful color, its more of a dull, color, but anyway in my opinion the colors work for this design. The design’s texture I would describe as being smooth, but that’s just me someone else opinion might be completely different. The balance of this design looks to be pretty good in my opinion, and it overall just looks to be stable. The depth of this design is good because it looks to be distanced and it looks dimensional. The contrast of this design is very good and that is because the light and dark colors look to have a little bit of a balance, and the shapes look to all be the same size, and the texture looks to stay smooth for the most part throughout the design.

  3. Chasity Venia says:

    I chose to write about Marian Bantjes piece of art called, “Cat Poems.” I chose this art because, it was a cat. And, I like cats. Also, cats are really nice to talk about in art, I guess. Anyways, I would describe this cat shape, It looks like the cat is painted in a way, More like a brush effect, Something that was painted, on a book and copied multiple times. There is some white in the cat so i’m thinking the painter was using a little white to blend in with the black. The yellow in the cats eye look darkens, so maybe a little black was blended in with the yellow, Along with the pink on the cats nose. Above the cat there is the words, “Cat Poems.” The words looked like they were painted on also, You know, someone that was painting with a brush and did it with black. I’m starting to think this painting was painted with water colors. Something that can be used with water and make colors look a little more like a brush effect. Now, I’m not hating on Water colors, I just think maybe a little more detail could be added, But Art is Art, right? The texture on this cat looks like a smooth texture, something soft, but fluffy, more like a fluffy cat. This is a cover of a book, So, there is some Poems inside of the book about cats, Maybe? Or maybe you’re like in a cats mind, trying to figure the cat out, Or something. Therefore, I chose this Piece of art because I thought it was nice looking, something to lighten up the mood. Therefore, Enjoy this cat piece.

  4. Jordan Swartz says:

    I chose an art piece called Armorial Holiday Card 1. It uses one oval like shape. It repeats the color red. In my opinion I think that it is Marian’s best piece. It uses the pattern in a fun and exciting way that grabs your attention. The designs color is also vibrate and beautiful. To me it has a fragile texture. The design itself reminds me of those faberge eggs and how beautiful and expensive. The design looks like it’s fragile but beautiful. It looks like beautiful but fragile china bowls or tea cup.

  5. Ja' Von Grier says:

    I chose this art piece “Armorial Holiday 2” because I love how she was able to make so many swirls into a perfect circle and make it look like a stupendous flower. Not only that, I love how she got to make the primary colors the perfect color choice for this project. The balance on this piece is amazing because there are a bunch of swirls and it fit perfectly for the picture

  6. Hannah Green says:

    I chose to look at the piece called Varoom: Wellbeing which is by Marian Bantjes. This caught my eye because something so simple is yet so pleasing to look at. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was “Oh that looks like plaid”. As I looked more at it, It reminded me of different widths and colors of ribbon that have been woven together to make such a pleasing piece of beautiful artwork. Then as I read the description of the art it says “For this edition of Varoom Magazine, the theme was “Wellbeing”. It seemed to me that tightly woven ribbons would suit it well.” I thought to myself that is awesome that I was able to look at it and know that that’s what they meant to make and I was able to tell that. I love all of the colors that she chose to use and how well they fit together. The design is overall amazing and the way she accomplished it and made it an amazing piece of work to look at. I also looked through some of her work and just loved how she uses her color, shapes, and typography to make simple look amazing.

  7. Mackenzie says:

    this looks like a heart but also the lungs do to the piece missing in the middle

  8. Mackenzie says:

    this looks like a heart but also the lungs do to the piece missing in the middle. this can also be a broken heart.

  9. Cassidy says:

    I really like the cat poems piece and how she drew the fur and make it look like a ACTUAL cat. I also like how it’s drawn like a blur and gives me massive CRPYTID energy from the drawing. I also like how they drew the cats back arched instead of it just having the fur cover it! Overall this is just a really good art piece and I appriciate all the detail that went in to it. (I know this isn’t a lot but I can’t type that much so just take what you get)

  10. Brittany Sieja says:

    I chose to look at this piece called Influences Map which was created by Marian Bantjes. I like this design because it reminds me of music and also it goes back in time like a certain timeline. What I also like about the design is it kinda reminds me of a guitar. The curvy/wavy lines remind me of music notes because that’s how they’ve always been like. Another thing could be like it could influence people of what happened in the past. It looks like the designer was inspired by a certain time in history so she did a design like that. The colors in the design is natural because it looks actually pretty cool if you just look at it. It just reminds me of a musical instrument because you got the wavy and curvy lines to make it look like an instrument. I like the detail of it because it looks like other people could be influenced by the design too. Lastly another thing that I like about this design is that there’s little photos in there to tell what’s inside this design and how it will influence other people about this design. Marian Bantjes is a great designer because she shows others her designs and hopefully it will influence them to create something amazing.

  11. Ryan Engard says:

    I had a hard time looking at the example art piece that was given but when I looked at the one that I picked it took me a couple minutes to see. I saw that it was a man’s face with a great background. The man had a long white beard, white hair, skin that blended into the background. The man has no body and his head is resting on the ground. The ground has a nice texture to it and it’s very colorful. He also has an ear that is a different color but you can tell that it’s an ear. I love how this artist made his art blend in so well. When I took a closer look at this I saw that inside the man’s face I saw women in white dresses and they were on a hill with a nice blue and white background. I really like how this artist made this art. I think he made a smart choice with everything. Everything he made went together really well to the dresses on the women and the face of the man. And how the sky mixed in with the hair. That is the reason I like this piece.

  12. Ian Heyne says:

    This design created by Marian Bantjes is for a speaker series talk on sustainability. This design is very interesting and simple yet complex. The design choices made in this poster are amazing. It’s all balanced and symmetrical/ United. The colors used are eye catching and fit what the poster is about. All the shapes flow well and directs your attention from the top to the bottom. The way everything is set up it looks almost futuristic. Also all the fine details put in that show sustainability are really cool and don’t get lost in the poster. The choice to have a pale green background helps all the other colors pop. The poster kind of looks like a blueprint too. The way the text is aligned and placed vertically or horizontally gives an extra edge to the design and flow with the shapes around it. It also looks intriguing and welcoming. There’s a lot of information in this poster but it doesn’t look cluttered as there’s enough space in the design that it still looks good. The choice to make certain chords or letters bold or a different font elevates this design and makes an impact. Overall, I think this design grabs your attention and gives a sense of welcoming/ excitement, and looks intriguing.

  13. Aiden Schultz says:

    The piece of art I chose to talk about is “Mark Foster Gage”. This design was asked to be created by Mark Gage himself. He wanted Marian Bantjes to create something “wild” for his book. This brought Marian a great challenge. However, she created a beautiful, elegant, and royal type feel to the art work. The design is created with only black and white colors. It looks like it is mirrored from the center. Even if it was not mirrored, it would look very interesting and satisfying to look at. The design seems to be created like old vintage type style due to the flower/plant like strokes. As I look at this art piece, I see slight movement and it’s almost like an optical illusion as if the design is moving slightly but it’s not.

  14. Ava Cappelletty says:

    The piece I chose from them is called armorial holiday. its a pretty piece filled with a bunch of colors and shapes. It resembles a beautiful flower made on loops and curved lines. the colors it uses has a bunch of brighter colors,but it also throws in a few dark colors in the mix.All of the lines resemble a bunch of loops and curves. What I love the most about the piece was how all of the mines remain the same in side and distance wise. Its a very cool thing to see in art and can be difficult to pull off. The piece reminds me of a fun and warm summer day. Its more of a fun cool piece then a elegant and classy one.

  15. The image that jumped out to me the most was the Tolerance poster. It has vivid colors that look like they are popping off of the page. The colors go from light to dark making the eye follow the image from top to bottom. The design is modern looking and very symmetrical, it is also very busy which makes the eye jump around while looking at it. I think that is why it is nicely titled Tolerance because you have to tolerate that the image is loud and busy. It takes concentration to focus on the image, which I think was the point of the design.

    Tolerance Poster

  16. Logan miller says:

    The first thing that I caught with my eyes is The National Orpheum. The Orpheum looks like a town or a city. The words on the building that somewhere that I would go to. The picture is gray and white and looks like an old picture. The picture has different patterns and different textures. The title of the name is in the picture that took a while to figure out. Every building has a name for the building. His design makes me want to go outside and travel somewhere downtown. The buildings are shaped differently and one building has a number that I don’t understand but think it represents month and day. It looks like there is snow on the ground and snowing from the sky. There are so many different patterns that I caught with my eye. Each building has a different pattern that makes it different from each other.

  17. I really like this poster she made for the National book festival. It’s lot more fun than I think it’s supposed to be. It’s bright and colorful, zany, and active. Each section has it’s own unique pattern, which makes you want to look at the poster and pay more attention to it. Perhaps it’s supposed to represent the amount of variety in books? I also really how the poster has a silhouette of an opened book. I also loved the words in the silhouette associates with words that describes the story process in a book, the emotions you’d feel reading one, and actions you take involving a book. I think the main idea of the poster in to basically get people excited about a book festival, because books can come off as boring to people since nobody reads books that much anymore, so you’d make a poster that looks fun and exciting to get people a lot more pumped about going to a book festival. And if that’s was the intention, then I believe it was executed very well.

  18. Hilda Ismail says:

    I came to choose the art piece by Mrs. Bantjes called, “fire wrapping paper.” I chose that image because of how colorful and engaging it was to my eye. It popped out to me the most. She based that art off of lines. The lines were curved and implemented in all colors. The black made it pop out by showing how the lines moved. The pattern shows it kind of looks like the bottom half of a women’s face repeated all over, which is something I recognized/realized after looking at this image for a while. The artwork done kind of resembles artwork made by JT Daniels, who is someone that creates artwork for Brisk, the ice tea company. The artwork she created looks like it could inspire him. She balanced the whole image by not clustering the same colors together and with how thick or thin the lines were. This image almost reminds me of the ice cream superman, which is my favorite. It includes all the colors the ice cream has swirled together. All in all, I think this is a great piece of work because of the colors being used to create an eye-catching piece of work.

  19. wesley Jackson says:

    The art piece i choose for Marian Bantjes It was “Tolerance Poster”. I like most about his art is his different way of colors and drawling he can made something look better then it is suppose to be. Also his art is so cool in the way of his writing. He does his letter colors in such a different way that the colors stand out more then the art piece by it’s self. I like how it went from yellow to light red, to red, to dark red,and to black. It was such a great color change and the letter did the same. So that is what I think about his one art piece “Tolerance Poster”.

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