Final Exams

Congratulations! You are a few days away from completing another year of high school. I think it’s safe to assume this is going to be a school year that most of us will never forget. For the final blog post of the year, I would like you to reflect on your experiences in this class and answer the questions below to help identify how we can make it better. I hope each of you has a safe and productive summer, and thanks in advance for your feedback. – A
1. What aspects of the program were beneficial for you? (strengths)
2. How could the program be improved? (weaknesses)
3. What projects/exercises did you find most enjoyable or useful? Specifics.
4. Summarize your experience in a “sound-byte” (quote).

  1. Kassandra McWilliams says:

    Some aspects of the program that were beneficial to me was to learn that drawing is just one part of being a good designer. I liked learning how to use adobe and getting a jump start on using actual digital graphic design software. I don’t think that this program needed to be improved it prepares you for college and helps you understand what its gonna be like out in the real world. This program also has an amazing teacher who knows what he is doing and Mr. Anderson helps each student want to be better and treats them like an adult/ professional. What I found to be useful was being able to do projects for our school, the word web, and actually disconnecting with the internet.
    ” Always have an open mind and be on time.”

  2. Ja' Von Grier says:

    Some of my strengths on this program was using the pen tool. It’s just something that’s simple and easy to use on a computer or laptop. The program really doesn’t really need any improvement really, I think it’s fine how it is. A project that I found useful was the Hunger Games logo. It was useful because helped letting us know how we can improve our creations like the logos we made. Quote: “It’s not about winning, it’s about fun!”

  3. Connor Orns says:

    The aspects of this class that were beneficial for me are that I sucked I drawing on my first day in the class, but as the school year progressed I started getting better at drawing, I got better but there still not that good in my opinion, another thing that was beneficial was that I work slightly better with people, but I still love working independent. The program could be improved by learning the computers better, because I didn’t really know how to use the computer, but I tried and made the best of it. I don’t know what this one exercise was called but we had different shapes on a good sized piece of paper and you had to draw something out the shapes, and I remember for one of the shapes i drew the New York Yankees emblem, even though I don’t like the New York Yankees, me personally I’m a Toronto Blue Jays fan.
    For my quote:
    “Always work your butt off because mamma’s not going to be paying those bills forever.”

  4. Cassidy says:

    I liked working on specific designs and figuring out how Adobe worked! It was really neat to work with it for a first time! PLEASE PLEASE slow down and give slow workers some time to catch up! You were moving too fast for me and it make it extremely hard to catch up to the program. Also, properly help people who ask for help! And not just a “oh it’s there.” kind of explaination. From what I did, I just liked working with Adobe and drawing designs from scratch. It was really fun to do! I also liked printing things and then turning those pictures in to something unique! “first doubt your doubts. Before you doubt your faith.”

  5. Brayden Lyons says:

    One thing that was beneficial too me was to be able to work on a lot of different projects and hone my skills with them. The program could improve by allowing the students to freehand some of the projects and be able to use our skills instead of working on something that we can come up with. I found the parts of projects where we were able to freehand most a little bit challenging but good.
    “creativity flows like magic, always believe in your magic!”

  6. Brittany Sieja says:

    The aspects of the program that were beneficial for me was to be able to work on different projects and experience them to see what I could or can’t do as longer I follow the directions and by turning it it on time before the deadline. To be honest I don’t think the program needs to change because it meets it’s expectations of what you wanna do when you go to college. The project/exercise that I found most enjoyable or useful was probably the hunger games project where you get to design or make your own symbol. I enjoyed it because it was fun to explore the different districts and decide what could be in your symbol. My quote would be, “Never give up and always think of new possibilities or ideas to figure out and solve your mistakes.”

  7. Aiden Schultz says:

    I feel as if learning how to use illustrator and Photoshop were truly in my opinion very important to learn. The reason being is that both of the software’s are not easy to learn quickly and I think I learned quite a bit from being in the program learning it. I don’t think the program itself needs to change however, the students. The people attending the program would need to learn how to be responsible for their work, use time wisely, and self discipline. I think the Pippin and the trailer projects were the most useful because the projects had real clients, real dead lines, and real time schedules.
    Quote: “You will fail, but that’s a part of learning”

  8. Savannah Kowalinski says:

    I feel as if learning to work with the computer was beneficial. It helped me get a better understanding of the programs we used, and the computer in general. I liked using the Adobe and using actual digital graphic design software. Another thing that was beneficial was working with people, normally I do everything on my own, but then I got opinions from others and that really helped out. I believe that the program is great the way it is, it doesn’t need to change. I think that the Hunger Game project was most successful because it got us all working like real designers, making sketches, talking to people about which is the best, and then continuing that same process over and over again until you get a final result. “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

  9. Jose Rivera says:

    Learning how to use illustrator and being able to design things was very useful since I didn’t know how to do that when I started the class. The easiest tool for me to use was probably the pen tool but the others weren’t so hard. The only weakness I had was the wrinkle tool I didn’t really understand it so much but I still got it done. The class was fine I din’t really see anything that needed to be changed. You helped students when ever they asked for your help which was a good thing cause not all teachers help you. I feel the most beneficial project was the hunger games since it showed that there was always a need of improvement if you don’t do a good job or it doesn’t look how you want it. Quote “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

  10. Elijah VanWagner says:

    The experience of this class was unmatched. Learning the many aspects of the different programs used in this class could be very helpful in the future. Sometimes time constraints can apply a lot of pressure and negatively influence student’s performance, but is still necessary. I found that any projects that took more than 2 weeks were usually useful in teaching us how much planning goes into a project. “If you believe in yourself, anything is possible”

  11. Ava Cappelletty says:

    The aspects that helped me out a lot were learning programs like illustrator those helped me a a lot if i need them for the future. I didn’t really have any issues with the program it was really fun and im glad i got to do it. My favorite projects were making logos for our assigned district. ” The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

  12. Ryan Engard says:

    Some of my strengths in this program would have to be the pen tool and the pencil tool. Both of those tools were easy for me to pick up and simple for me to use. There were no issues i had with the program if i ever got stuck i would ask someone for help and i would learn what we needed to do. Some of the projects I loved were the eagle and the camera because they both used the two tools I love the most, the pencil and pen tool. “Think smarter, not harder”.

  13. Logan Miller says:

    Some aspects of the program that I learned new things, like to draw work on the computer. The program doesn’t really need improvement. It is fine how it is. One project that I like is the hunter games, how we can create our own symbol and design it at the end. Quote: don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

  14. Ian Heyne says:

    Some aspects of the program that were beneficial for me are learning how to use adobe illustrator, learning how to look at designs and art multiple ways and interpreting it, and learning how to present my work professionally and confident. I feel like my biggest weakness was that I never really had confidence in my work as it was hard for me to transfer my design from paper to digital without it looking not as good. As the year progressed I got better at illustrator and had more confidence, but I think if I started sophomore year I would’ve made better work and feel as if I was at the same level as everyone else using illustrator. The celebrity portrait, trailer project, and the pippin project were my favorite and most useful projects in the class for me. Each project helped me to think outside the box and try to create my best work. “Don’t go into this thinking it’s gonna be easy, you’re gonna fail, but as long as you have confidence in making your best work and striving to get better. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL ONE DAY!”

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