Pass The Popcorn & Check Out Those Counters

I am excited to share this link with each of you. Design-centric documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit’s feature film about what has easily become the most ubiquitous typeface in the world – Helvetica. The typeface was initially designed by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger in 1957 and became the standard typeface for both international organizations and … Continue Reading

Two Turntables & A Microphone

Turn it up. For this blog post, I want you to listen carefully. No really listen carefully. Dust off your record collection and choose an album that you can’t live without. Listen to it – yes the whole thing, it’s not like you’re going anywhere so slow down and enjoy it. If you’re really feeling … Continue Reading

Cut & Paste.

In anticipation of our next project using Photoshop, take a few minutes to review the commercial illustration work at the site below. As you are looking at the work carefully consider how the images look (execution), how they may have been constructed (process), and as always their meaning (concept). After spending at least 10 -15 … Continue Reading

Where Do Ideas Come From?

Take a few minutes to read this excerpt from a book about the artwork of children’s book author and illustrator Eric Carle. Afterwards, reflect on the article and consider your own experiences and inspirations. What are some of the “dabs of color” in your creative pursuits? In other words, what’s your inspiration? Where do ideas come … Continue Reading

It’s A Lot To Process

As you know, this week we started our first client project. Working with a client requires designers to develop an entirely different set of skills to ensure the success of their project. Open the attached PDf file and read the interview with Dave Mason where he discusses how he solves design problems and works with … Continue Reading

The Writing Is On The Wall

Take a few minutes to visit the link below which includes a brief video and interview about an installation project created for Sony Music by designer Alex Fowkes. Afterwards, search the internet and locate an equally amazing example of professional design which is type-based. Post a comment which includes the link to the site you … Continue Reading

Deep Thoughts.

Take a few minutes to reflect on the conversation we had in class yesterday. What are you thinking about? Did you hear anything that surprised you?  What do you wish you would have asked? What did you learn? As always, feel free to use correct grammar (it matters) and at least 200 words in your … Continue Reading

The Active Type.

Take a few minutes to visit the attached link which discusses the design and development of an animated typeface called Mobilo. Afterwards, take a few minutes to consider other practical examples where type has been “animated” to communicate an idea or story. Use at least 200 words and describe a possible application for Mobilo. In … Continue Reading

In Living Color

Take a few minutes to take a look at the links below. Afterwards, locate an example of a professional poster design on Communication Arts website ( that uses color really well.Identify the type of color scheme (for example analogous) that the designer chose and explain/defend the color choices that the designer made. Make sure that … Continue Reading