It’s A Lot To Process

As you know, this week we started our first client project. Working with a client requires designers to develop an entirely different set of skills to ensure the success of their project. Open the attached PDf file and read the interview with Dave Mason where he discusses how he solves design problems and works with […]

Vans Custom Culture Competition

Take a few minutes to review and vote for the 5 regional finalists in the Vans Custom Culture Competition. Afterwards, share your thoughts about what you’ve seen. What stood out? What surprised you? What was memorable? Finally, take a few minutes to look at the “technology in design” competition which was the category that we entered. […]

But First…Let Me Take A Selfie

Here’s this weeks blog post. We recently finished designing the poster for Little Shop of Horrors (nice job juniors). At this point, the ink has dried and the posters have been distributed. Your task is simple. Find the poster in our community and take a selfie. Make it fun, but keep it school appropriate. Bonus […]

Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year! As we get ready to transition into second semester, it’s time to make some New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not talking about eating healthier or getting more exercise – I’m talking graphic design! Take a few minutes to reflect on the work you created first semester. What are some things you are doing […]

School Colors

Paula Scher and the design firm Pentagram were recently commissioned to design the interior of a Middle School in Brooklyn, New York. Their solution uses bold colors and typography to reinforce the school districts vision and mission. Visit the links attached, read the articles, and react. What do you think of the final design? Does […]

Designed to Deter….

The Camden bench is a really interesting example of anti-design. You can find out more about the Camden bench and other examples of unpleasant design by checking out the link below.