The Writing Is On The Wall

Take a few minutes to visit the link below which includes a brief video and interview about an installation project created for Sony Music by designer Alex Fowkes. Afterwards, search the internet and locate an equally amazing example of professional design which is type-based. Post a comment which includes the link to the site you […]

The Active Type.

Take a few minutes to visit the attached link which discusses the design and development of an animated typeface called Mobilo. Afterwards, take a few minutes to consider other practical examples where type has been “animated” to communicate an idea or story. Use at least 200 words and describe a possible application for Mobilo. In […]

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

The past few days we have been working on some custom lettering. As we discussed in class, before the advent of the computer every letterform and typeface was crafted by hand. Take a few minutes to watch this video about master penman Jake Weidmann. Stop and consider the concentration and commitment that it would require to […]

School Colors

Paula Scher and the design firm Pentagram were recently commissioned to design the interior of a Middle School in Brooklyn, New York. Their solution uses bold colors and typography to reinforce the school districts vision and mission. Visit the links attached, read the articles, and react. What do you think of the final design? Does […]